Why watching cat movies makes you happy

Why watching cat movies makes you happy scientific proof catmom official

It is old news  that cats make you happy. That watching cat movies also makes you happy is now scientifically proven. A good excuse to admit to your craving for cat movies.

You can watch cat movies everywhere

Probably the algorithm of YouTube, Facebook or Instagram ensures that you as a catmom already see cat movies more often. But the love for cat movies is very big online. That non cat lovers will also regularly see a cat movie.

Research shows that people who have indicated a cat movie that they have more energy and feel more cheerful, they have a more positive attitude. They even indicate that they feel less anxious and sad.

Watching cat movies makes you more productive

Although watching a cat movie might keep you from your task or work or cause you to postpone this task. It appears that the task is easier to perform afterwards because the emotional reward of the catmovie is high. The people in the study also indicated that the cat movies were viewed most often during work or when they had to study. They also almost all indicate that the feeling of guilt that they have is drowned out by the positive effect of the cat movie.

The big research into the happiness of cat movies

Research was conducted by professor Jessica Gall Myrick, who investigated 7000 people how the cat movies affected their mood. Based on the results of the research, she will examine whether it is possible to incorporate cat films into pet therapy.

Do not feel guilty if you are still watching a cat movie, or 2 or 3.

Not just watching cat movies makes you happy, cats in general make you happy and this is why.