Why does your cat rub his head against you?

Why does your cat rub his head against you?

If your cat rubs his head against your legs or another part of your body, you probably see this as a sign that he likes you very much. There are other reasons why your cat rubs against you, cats do this in diffrent ways.

By rubbing against you or an object, your cat gives off odor

There are scent glands on your cat’s head (around its mouth, cheeks and forehead). He releases pheromones with these scent glands. (These are not smellable for us, but for other cats). With this he marks his territory and gives signals to other cats. Scent is an important way of communication for cats. He also marks his territory with this. (Another way to mark his territory is scratching or spraying).

A safe environment

Have you ever noticed that if your cat is in an exciting environment, he will give rub his head against things more? By surrounding himself with his own scent, he feels safer. Your cat also rubs his head against the furniture and the door posts to feel safer. Because the smell becomes a little less strong over time, the cat will also repeat this regularly. Did you clean your house? Then you might have accidentally wiped away a part of this scent that is so important for your cat.

Rubbing his head against his catmom

Does your cat rub your legs with his head when you get home? Chances are that you will smell “different”. By rubbing against your legs with his head your cat will quickly make you smell like familiar again.

Because your cat wants attention

In addition, your cat can also give you rub with his head against you in a different way. She often pushes her head against your chin or cheek when you sit on the couch. He does this with people with whom he has a good relationship. Because most catmoms respond enthusiastically to this, the cat often uses this to demand attention.

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