Why does my cat take a prey back home?

A mouse or a bird, a surpurrrise of your cat. It is normal to think that this is a gift because you are such a good catmom. Only cats do not understand the concept of presents. Do think your cat proudly wants to show you it’s prey? That is also not the case. In most cases you will not respond very happy and enthusiastically if you find a dead mouse in front of your door.

Why does my cat take a prey back home?

Eat a prey in peace at home

The real reason that your cat takes its prey back home is that it can peacefully eat it in a safe environment. It can also happen that your cat takes along a bird of which he has already eaten half. In that case a quiet place to eat had already been found but your cat was probably full. And he wants to eat the rest of the bird at a later time. Your cat also gets food from you, the chance that he actually eats the prey is not very big. Cats are not so picky about what they catch, but they are about what they eat. Hunting and catching animals is natural behavior for cats.

Bring the prey back home for the kittens

Does your cat have kittens and does she take a prey home? Then this has a purpose, the mother cat wants to let the kittens know more about the prey and does this by showing it to the kittens. In some cases the mother cat also feeds the kittens with a prey that they take with them.