Who gets to take care of the cat after a divorce?

A divorce is not pleasant. And when children and pets are involved in a divorce, this is even more sad. For children there is often an arrangement for co parenting. Cats are included in the household effects and if they have to be “divided” they are also given a piece of emotional value (and the costs of the pedigree). That all sounds very practical and annoying but that is how they are looked at when 2 partners have bought a cat together and are going to divorce, they are both equally entitled to this. Nowadays, a sort of interaction arrangement is also established for cats (one week with one owner and the other week with another). These changes every week are not desirable for the cat. It is wiser to look at the behavior of the cat and the new situations of both owners and to decide  who got to take care of the cat (s). The best thing is to come up with a solution that is best for the cat’s well-being.

Who gets to take care of the cat after a divorce?

Multiple cats, who will take care of these after the divorce?

If you have several cats and they get along really good then it is nice if they can stay together. If the cats were not best friends, it would be better for both partners to take a cat with them to take care of (if the situation of both partners allows this).

If one of the two stays in the home where the cat has always lived, it would be most ideal for the cat not to be taken away from this area.

If the cat played outside a lot, it is nice if he goes with the partner who has outdoor facilities in the new home. 

How big is the new home of the partner who wants to take the cat? Is this very different from what the cat was used to?

What is the living situation of both partners? Perhaps a new living situation also entails a different family composition with other children / pets. For a cat this can cause a lot of stress. it can be more convenient to let the cat live at the partner with the least change in the living situation.

How stable is the new living situation of both partners? Does one of the partners not yet have a fixed new place to live? Then leave the cat in the old situation for as long as possible until the other partner has a stable new living situation. To prevent stress for your cat from moving too often.

The living situation of one partner is perfect but the other partner has much more time to look after the cat (s). Consider together what is more important in this case.

Financially also a lot can change after a divorce. Will the partner who would like to take care of the cats manage to pay veterinary costs and suchlike? Even if the cat unexpectedly got  ill and there was a high vet bill?

Try to think in the interest of your cat

You will love to keep your cat close to you but try to think in the interest of the cat and answer the above questions as honestly as possible. Did you figure it out together? Then document your agreement to prevent misunderstandings in the future.

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