What do you need for a kitten?

Are you thinking of taking a cat into your home? In addition to knowing that they are very cute, there are a number of other things that you need to know (and purchase) before you take a kitten into your home. A few tips that can help you.

Cat food

Good quality cat food. The choice of cat food is huge. Discuss with your cattery what your cat is eating now. If you want to give the cat another brand of cat food, never switch to another food at once. Always let your cat get used to mixing his current food with the new food.

Make sure the food bowl is always clean

Fresh, clean water must always be available for your cat (preferably at different places in the house)

Please note that some foods for humans can be toxic to cats.

Cat care

Brushing or combing your cat regularly prevents hairballs. Short-haired and long-haired cats need different care. Make sure you have a comb or brush for your cat that matches his coat type.

Very occasionally it may be necessary to bathe your cat, provide a mild shampoo that is suitable for cats.

You will also have to cut your cat’s nails regularly. (Especially if your cat does not come outside the house, you will have to do this more often). Special nail clippers for cats are available for cats.

Litter box

A clean litter box is important, if the box is not clean your cat will tend not to use the box. Make sure you scoop out the litter box every day. Clean the litter box completely with water once a week and replace the cat litter.

If your house consists of several floors, make sure that your cat has a litter box on each floor. When purchasing, make sure that it is also large enough for the future. Buy the litter box for growth. For example, a Maine Coon will need a larger litter box than British Shorthair. Diffrent sizes and shapes of cat litter boxes are available

Collar with name tag or have your cat chipped

These days many cats are chipped and therefore they are easier to identify, which increases the chance that your cat will return to you. You can also give your cat a collar to which you attach a name tag. This way, you can immediately see where the cat comes from without reading the chip. Did you know that even collar gps tracker are available?

Cat toys

Make sure there are enough toys available in the house. The toys will keep your cat busy and less likely to suffer from being overweight because he burns calories while playing. There are lots of different kinds of toys for cats. Cat food puzzles are also a lot of fun. (Tip: put a part of the toys in a box, change the toys that your cat uses with the toys in the box every 2 weeks. This way the toys remain interesting for your cat).

Scratching post

If you don’t want your coach to end up as a scratching post, make sure you have enough scratching options. There are different models of scratching posts. Also buy this on the growth, a small kitten scratching post looks very cute. However, after a few months your cat will have no use for this. While your cat can immediately use a large scratching post and can continue to use it.

Cat baskets

Cats love boxes. Don’t be surprised if your cat prefers a cardboard box instead of a plush basket that you have purchased for him. Make sure your kitten has spots where he can lie down comfortably. See where he prefers and then try to purchase a basket, cat tipi or cardboard cat house. Often a cat also lies comfortably on the couch or windowsill without using a basket.

Cat transport box

If you want to take the cat outside or transport it, make sure you can do this in a safe and stylish way. Make sure the cat transport carrier or bag has enough air holes and can be closed properly with a lock so that your cat cannot escape.

Your cat’s health

Make sure your cat goes to the vet every year for a health check and his vaccinations. Curious about how to recognize a healthy cat?