Want to take your cat with you on vacation?

Want to take your cat with you on vacation?

The time when only dog ​​owners took their dog with them on vacation is over. Nowadays, cat owners also take their cat on vacation. Are you considering taking your cat on vacation so that you can enjoy spending the holidays together? Consider the different options so that not only you, but especially your cat, can enjoy the vacation

What to consider before taking your with you cat on vacation.

A cat has its own territory which it delimits with pheromones. If you place a cat in a new environment, it will have to get used to it. A cat is going to place new odor markers. He will do this in the first week. If you are going for a week or less, it is not recommended to take your cat to a holiday accomodation. If you go for a few weeks, it can certainly be an option.

How does your cat react to staying in a travel basket during a car ride? Is it feasible to go further afield or do you opt for a holiday closer to home?

Do you also want to take the cat outside? Start practicing on time with a harness and leash so that your cat can go outside with a leash.

You can train traveling in a travel basket.

Make sure your cat associates the travel basket with something positive. Is the travel basket always stored in the closet and does it only come out when it is time to visit the vet? Then your cat will not be happy if he has to travel. Put the travel basket as standard in the living room so that your cat can also occasionally lay in it. Put in treats and a blanket every now and then. Take your cat in the car for a ride and then reward him so that he associate traveling with something positive. When purchasing the travel basket, make sure that your cat has sufficient space (when purchasing, it is always stated up to how many kilograms a travel basket is suitable).

You can find the nicest travel baskets here

Are you going on holiday then there are different options for your cat

You can leave your cat at home in your own home.

You may have lovely neighbors or friends who want to feed  cat every day at your own home. Your cat can stay in its own environment, this is the ideal situation.

A cat hotel

You can also choose to arrange a mini vacation for him if you don’t take the cat on vacation. In some guesthouses or cat hotels, your cat is also well cared for, he is brushed, his nails are clipped. And they play with your cat every day for half an hour. You have guest houses where the cat with several cats is in a group. You also have cat hotels where your cat has its own space (sometimes even with its own outside run). The advantage of this is that the cat boarding owner can monitor exactly how much your cat drinks. It can also be precisely monitored how often your cat uses his litter box. In addition, it is immediately noticed if your cat vomits. (When your cat is staying in a group, it is difficult to trace who has used the litter box and who has vomited).

The preference is for a guest house where only cats stay (dogs in the guest house can cause stress for the cat).

To a holiday home where you have been with your cat before

If you go to the same cottage every year and has your cat been here? Then this is known territory for your cat and you can, if he reacted well to the cottage in previous years, take your cat with confidence.


To a holiday park with your cat in a cottage

If you go to a holiday home in the Netherlands or within Europe, you can of course also take your cat with you. Let him get used to traveling with the tips above. Do you stop en route during your trip? Don’t let your cat out of the basket, he may be a bit confused and try to escape.

Place the travel basket in a place that is safe when you have to brake. Make sure that the basket is also in a place where sufficient air can still enter. (Not between large other suitcases that obstruct fresh air).

Also check regularly if your cat is not getting overheated, when you get out of the car to have a picnic take the cat in his basket and leave him in his basket, making sure he is in the shade.

It is important that the vacation accomdation is properly closed so that your cat can stay there alone. It is also important that the accomodation has a separate room that can be closed down from the rest of the accomodation, where you can let the cat get used to the first few days, as soon as your cat is used to this space. Then let the cat get used to the rest of the accomodation at his own pace. Ensure that the doors and windows remain closed and the cat cannot escape outside. You can of course take your cat outside in a harness (on a leash).

Check out the cat harness

Always make sure before you book at the accommodation whether pets are allowed and whether all windows and doors can be locked.

Traveling within Europe with your cat

Do you want to travel with your cat within Europe? Keep in mind that an animal passport and a chip are required.

Not only dogs but also cats must be vaccinated against rabies when they travel. (You can check with your vet if there are any other requirements in the country you are going to).

What do you bring when your cat goes on holiday?

Cat passport

Telephone number of the vet in case of an emergency

Cat carrier

Harness and belt

Spare belt

Drink and food bowls There are also special drink and food bowls available for on the road. Some are even foldable, super easy. Get your foldable food/ water bowl.

Litter box (your own litter box or a disposable litter box, there are different variants available)

Spare cat litter

More than enough dry and wet food

Enough water (in not all countries you can safely drink from the tap, give your cat water from a bottle that you buy in the supermarket).

Your cat’s favorite treats

Your cat’s favorite toys

A basket or cardboard box in which he likes to lay in

So consider carefully whether you want to embark on this adventure with your cat, taking his character into account. You know your cat best and you can best estimate how your vacation can be most pleasant for your cat.