Tips to save money on veterinary costs for your cat

A visit to the vet can cost you a lot of money. That is why it is nice to save something on veterinary costs. There are a few of simple things you can do that will save you money as a catomom in the longer term.

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Promotions at the vet that save money

Every veterinary practice has its own promotions. The vet where I go with Theodore, Thursday is the sterilization / castration day. If you castrate your cat on Thursday, you will receive a 10% discount. That is quite worthwhile on such an operation. Many veterinary practices also participate in the national dental month, in the month of February you can have your cat’s teeth checked with a discount (or sometimes even free). You also receive dental treatment with a discount in that month. And June is the national chip month, for example, at many vets you can have your cat chipped at a lower rate in June. Ask your veterinarian about the actions of the practice.

Avoid obesity with your cat

An overweight cat is much more likely to suffer from diseases such as diabetes and cystitis. The chance that your cat will suffer from this decreases if your cat is properly weighted. Prevention is better than cure and it also saves veterinary costs. Tips to prevent obesity and to make your cat lose weight.

Discount if you have multiple pets vaccinated at the same time

Maybe you are one of the lucky catmoms that has multiple cats. You often get a discount if you have multiple cats vaccinated at the same time. (Sometimes this also applies if, for example, you visit the vet with your dog and cat).

Take your cat to the vet regularly

The earlier a veterinarian can start treating, the shorter (and cheaper) the treatment is generally. If you notice on Friday that your cat needs to visit the vet and you want to wait untill the weekend is over. Then it often comes down to having to go to the vet with your cat during the weekend. The weekend rates are a lot higher. Ultimately, you pay a high price for “wainting to see wether your cat feels better after the weekend or not”. This also applies to evening and night rates, which are also a lot higher than during the day during the week. If possible, try to visit your doctor during the day with your cat if necessary.

Get a pet insurance policy

Are you not the best at saving money? Then it can be useful to take out a pet insurance policy so that you do not have to face very high costs at once if your cat suddenly gets ill or has an accident. Whether insurance is interesting for you depends on your financial situation.