Tips to make your cat less afraid of the vacuum cleaner

Most cats are not a big fan of the vacuum cleaner, some cats are even afraid of the vacuum cleaner and may panic when they hear the vacuum cleaner switch on. There is a good chance that your cat will run away, lay its ears flat and its eyes will become very large. He can also get a thick tail, the hairs on his back can stand up and he can even growl or blow to the vacuum cleaner.

Not only because of the noise (at a frequency humans can’t hear) is the vacuum cleaner annoying for your cat, also the airflow that the device produces is unpleasant. In addition, the large noise movement moves through the entire room and comes to places where your cat normally has a safe haven. Like under the couch.

Tips to make your cat less afraid for the vacuum cleaner

Tips if your cat is afraid of the vacuum cleaner

Do not interrupt vacuuming to comfort your cat, but leave your cat alone.

Give your cat the opportunity to leave, give him the freedom to go to another room where you are not vacuuming so that he can have some alone time there.

Step-by-step getting your cat used to the vacuum cleaner

Is your cat so scared that he will pee out of fear? Then it is a good idea to tackle the fear of the vacuum cleaner.

Place the vacuum cleaner (without using and turning it on) in the room where the cat is located.

If your cat comes close to the vacuum cleaner, reward him with treats

Repeat this for a few days until your cat is no longer afraid of the vacuum cleaner when it is switched off

Then turn on the vacuum cleaner in the room next to the room where your cat is located. Reward him again with treats. 

Repeat this until your cat is used to the sound of the vacuum cleaner in another room.

Is this going well too? Then it is time to switch on the vacuum cleaner very briefly in the room where your cat is. Switch on the vacuum cleaner and do not move it. 

Practice this also until your cat is okay with it. (Reward your cat again). 

This can take a lot of time but once your cat is used to this, you can start by vacuuming small pieces of the floor. Until you can vacuum the whole floor, your cat may still not like it very much, but he will not be so afraid anymore that he will have to pee out of fear.

The robot vacuum cleaner and cats

Cats are generally less afraid of robot vacuum cleaners because they are a little bit smaller and quieter than normal ones. I’m quite sure you have seen the movies of cats who are proudly driving around the room on top of a robot vacuum cleaner. Do you have or want to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner? Never leave your cat alone in a room with the vacuum cleaner, make sure you are there when vacuuming is done by the robot vacuum cleaner. To prevent accidents.