This catmom saved her cat from the washing machine

It’s getting colder outside and cats are looking for warm places to hide. When you just finished your laundry, the washing machine is still a bit warm. A warm washing machine filled with soft clothing looks like a ideal sleeping spot for your cat. So always be careful when you put in the next batch of laundry that your cat doesn’t snuck into the washing machine. (This can happen any time of the year). Unfortunatly too many people have lost their cat this way. Always check check check before turning the washing machine on.

One month ago the catmom of bertie.puss had to save him from the washing machine.

She was really lucky and she wants to warn others.

She always checks the washing machine before starting it. But this time bertie.puss has snucked in without her noticing it. Within 15 to 20 seconds after turning on the washing machine she realised her cat was inside. She couldn’t unluck the door to save him. (Most washing machines are not able to be opened right after you started the washing program). Altough she was in panic she was brave and used a hammer and a patato peel to smash the washing machine open. She and bertie.puss were both in shock. She sliced her hands on the broken glass while she rescued her cat.

Her kind neighbour came for help and treated her cuts, cleaned up the glass en brought hot water bottles. Bertie.puss was very shaky and soaked. She wrapped him in a towel like a baby betweed the bottles to warm him up. She took care of him all night. She took her cat to the vet in the morning for an x-ray. It was a miracle bertie.puss was okay, he just needed antibiotics. And now one month later he is fully recovered.

She wants to ask people to please please please always tripple-check before starting the washing machine or dryer.

Thank you catmom of bertie.puss for sharing your story with us. We are glad bertie and you are doing okay. If you want to check out how Bertie is doing now you can follow him on instagram @bertie.puss . We wish you good health and happiness