The must watch movies on netflix for cat lovers

Fancy a night of catflix and chill on the couch with your cat? The nicest movies, curl on the couch with a blanket, a large cup of tea, cookies, your furry catfriend and these movies you will have a lovely evening.

The must watch movies on netflix for cat lovers

A street cat named Bob

Street cat Bob unexpectedly enters the life of a man and changes his life in a very positive way.

Nine lives

The life of a businesswoman who always puts her career at number one changed completely when she suddenly changed into the family cat of the family.

72 cutest animals

Of course these are not all cats, but so many cute animals on your screen. This cuteness overload will definitely make you smile.

Garfield the movie

Garfield’s life is totally upset when Odie enters the house. He wants Odie to leave, but when Odie is abducted, he feels sorry for him and goes searching for him. (After this movie you can also watch Garfield 2 a tail or 2 kitties). Here he is experiencing an adventure in England.

Nive lives

An overworked billionaire who is only busy with his work and does not spend time with his wife and children gets into a coma.Then be becomes  trapped in the body of his daughter’s cat, Mister Fuzzy Pants.


Thousands of cats have been living on the streets of Istanbul for years. They belong to no one but have a great time. They are also a huge mirror for the people of Istanbul. Some people even choose to adopt  a cat and this makes them incredibly happy.

The secret life of pets

A very nice animated film to watch with children. But of course also with your cat. Have you ever wondered what your cat or dog is doing when you are not at home?

The lion in your livingroom

Always wanted to know more about your cat? Then be sure to watch this docu, the development of the cat as a pet. This docu follows the adventures that different pets experience when their owner is not at home.

Catwalk, tales from the catshow circuit

The cat subculture in Canada. The cat-friendly owners all want their cat to be named the best cat in the country.

Puss in boots 

One of the most beloved characters from Shrek also has his own movie. He is looking for the goose with the golden eggs. Experience his exciting adventure.

Would you rather have an evening with your cat and a book on the couch? This are the best books to read for catlovers.