The must read books for cat lovers

A huge cat lover and also fond of reading books (with your cat on your lap?). The best reading material for catmoms.

The must read books for cat lovers catmom offical booktips

How to think like a cat

Have you ever had the impression that your cat is worried about something or feels stressed? Probably not. Learn to live as stress-free a life as your cat friend.


How to learn a mindfulness from a cat. Learn from cats how to create a daily oasis of happiness. A great book written by Paolo Valentino.

Traveling cat chronicles.

Do you like Japan and love cats? Then the travelogue of a cat is the must read for you. Together with his owner, the cat makes a road trip through Japan.

A beautiful  ode to life and to friendship.

Takashi Hirade The Guest Cat

This book will make you realize how important it is to  enjoy the little things in life. Takashi Hirade brings a couple that had grown apart closer together than ever before.

Alfie the doorstep cat

If you are a big fan of Bob the street cat then this book is highly recommended. The street cat Alfie brings love and friendship back to a street where there was much loneliness. Let Alfie the gray kitten conquer your heart.

Lost cat

Imagine that your cat is your big support and suddenly he disappears for 5 weeks. Would you not like to know what kind of adventures your cat has experienced and where he is? A true story about GPS tracking.

Which cat story are you going to read?

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