The best way you make the Christmas tree safe for the cat. The best tips for catproof Christmas decoration and alternatives to a Christmas tree

Cats like to sit in high places (so that they have a good overview of their territory) and they like to climb. It is therefore quite natural behaviour that your cat tends to climb into the Christmas tree. Not every cat will wants to climb the tree. But what almost no cat can resist are the shiny Christmas balls, which he has to tap with his paw so they fly through the living room.

Christmas tree pine needles are poisonous for your cat

If you don’t mind that your cat climbs into the Christmas tree, it’s best to go for a fake Christmas tree. With a real tree you have the risk of your cat injuring himself with the pine needles. For example, he can injure his eye if a needle comes in it. With a fake tree (which nowadays also look very nice) you will not suffer from sharp needles. Also keep in mind that pine needles are toxic to your cat. In case your cat eats a pine needle, then your cat also takes the risk that the needle will damage its intestinal wall. That is why it is dangerous to put the cat’s food or drink bowl close to the tree. If the needles fall out, they can end up in your cat’s food or water. The resin and juices of the needles also make the water toxic to your cat.

The best way you make the Christmas tree safe for the cat. The best tips for catproof Christmas decoration and alternatives to a Christmas tree

A fake Christmas tree and a cat in the house, or a catproof alternative to the tree?

You know your cat best and can estimate whether he will climb the tree or not. If you absolutely do not want this, you better look for a nice alternative for the Christmas tree. If you don’t care so much that the cat climbs the tree somtimes, then purchase an fake Christmas tree that is safer for your cat. Make sure that this tree is firm, you can do this by increasing the standard of the tree (for example with bricks). If you place a canvas over the standard, you will no longer see this.

Make sure the decoration in the Christmas tree is safe for your cat.

Your cat will slap a Christmas ball from the christmas tree. The best thing to do is to hang your tree full of Christmas decorations made of a material that does not break when it falls to the ground. Such as plastic, textile or wood. If a glass Christmas decoration breaks, he may injure his foot pad from his paw if he still plays with the broken Christmas decoration or accidentally runs through it. Plastic Christmas decorations are a much safer alternative, these are often available in a set so that you can start decorating the tree right away.

Does your cat only find the bottom of the Christmas tree interesting? And are you sure he won’t climb the tree? Then decorate the underside of the tree with unbreakable Christmas decorations. You can hang glass decorations at the top of the tree.

Always make sure you attach the decoration properly with hooks that are secured well and wrapped around the branches. Make sure that the hooks cannot be released because there is a risk that your cat can swallow a hook.

Lighting can of course not be missing in a Christmas tree. Some cats bite on cables. Always ensure that the lights are only switched on when you are in the room and can monitor this. It can have bad consequences if your cat bites the lighting cord. You can also hide a piece of lighting cord that runs outside the tree to the socket under a decorative cloth. This will prevent your cat from tripping over the cord and accidentally knocking over the Christmas tree.

Do not hang chocolate Christmas cookies in your tree

No matter how tasty and cozy chocolate Christmas cookies look. Do not hang them in your tree if you have a cat. Chocolate is toxic to cats.

Decorate the Christmas tree if your cat is not present in the living room.

Your cat will be particularly interested in the tree when you are decorating it. All the movement of the glittering balls and lights. It is quieter for your cat (and for you) to decorate the Christmas tree without the cat being present. Put your cat in another room for half an hour and let him come in again when the tree is decorated.

Catproof alternatives for a Christmas tree

Christmas garlands, a beautiful garland that you can decorate. You can hang the garland in a place that is unreachable for your cat. This gives you a Christmas atmosphere at home, because you can also decorate the garlands with lights and Christmas balls.

For example, wooden Christmas trees made of wood, often equipped with boards where you can place Christmas decorations.

Christmas tree wall decoration, no hassle with setting up the tree, you hang it on the wall and you are good to go.

My Christmas tree is now up for a week and this is how my cat reacts to it

My cat Theodore finds the christmas tree very interesting. I have a fake christmas tree and all the decorations in my tree are made of wood, textile or plastic. Nothing fragile. Theodore regularly climbs the tree and then lies on the branches (see video). I don’t mind this because the tree is safe and it cannot hurt itself. Do you already have the christmas tree put up in your home?