The best tips for removing cat hair

In no doubt, your clothes are covered with cat hair and the clothes roll is your best friend. Fortunately, there are a number of things that you can do preventively so that you are less bothered by cat hair in your home and on your outfit. An allergy to cats is a common problem. You might not expect it, but it is often not the hair that causes an allergic reaction, but the dander of cats. Click here to read more information and tips about removing cat hair. The tips will help you to significantly reduce the risk of an allergic reaction.

Does your cat lose a lot of hair?

There are times when your cat is shedding and therefore loses a lot of hair. This is the case, for example, when he changes from his winter coat to his summer coat. This is pretty natural. Does your cat lose a lot of hair outside this period? It is possible that your are feeding your cat food that does not match its skin and fur. If food contains a high omega 3 and omega 6 value, then this is generally good for its fur condition.

The best tips for removing cat hair catmom

Help your cat get a paw by combing him

Your cat removes loose hairs by licking him self clean with its tongue. However, you can help your cat by combing or brushing him. With this you remove the loose hairs, these will remain in the brush and will not end up on your couch or pants. With a long-haired cat, a half-yearly visit to the cat groomer can also make a big difference

The clothes roller (sticky roller)

Make sure you always have a clothes roller nearby before you leave the house. Super useful to get the last hair off your pants and shirt. There are even small clothes rollers that fit in your handbag so that you can still make your outfit cat hair free on the way.

Remove cat hair from the washing machine

Sometimes clothes just come out of the washing machine but there are still cat hairs on them. Because clothing has a static charge, cat hair often sticks to it. Are you going to wash your clothes? Then shake your clothes well before putting them in the washing machine. As soon as your clothes come out of the washing machine, shake the clean items before putting them in the dryer. You can put dryer cloths or dryer balls in your dryer during the drying process. This will make your clothing less static. (If you don’t have dryer balls yet? Then you can also use tennis balls for this, because they have the same effect. Putting an old pantyhose in the dryer is also an option, because it also catches all cat hair, throw the pantyhose away afterwards). Are there some hairs been left behind on your clean clothes? Use the clothing roller for this. Clean your dryer filter regularly.

That’s why it’s called furrniture.

Your furniture will also be regularly covered with cat hair. The easiest way to free your furniture from cat hair is with your vacuum cleaner. Always use a special attachment to be able to vacuum properly between the seams and remove all cat hairs. The sticky roller that you use for clothing can of course also be used to quickly rid your couch of cat hair. Are the sheets of the clothes roll out? Don’t worry, use some tape (wrap it around your hand) and use it to remove cat hair. In addition, you can also use a rubber glove to remove the cat hair from your furniture, because cat hair will stick to it.

No time to vacuum every day?

It is important to vacuum regularly when you have a cat (s) as a roommate. No time to vacuum every day? Or is your cat very scared of the vacuum cleaner? You can also go through the house with a swiffer between the vacuum cleanings. Did you know that there are also vacuum cleaners that are specially made for pet owners? The attachments of these vacuum cleaners often have fast rotating brushes that quickly absorb the cat hair. Do you have carpet / carpet? Sprinkle a little baking soda on your carpet, not only nice against odors, but also hairs will be released from the carpet more easily, making them easy to vacuum.