The 5 best places to spot cats and other animals in Bali Indonesia

In addition to delicious food, a colorful culture, lovely people and breathtaking nature, you will also find many cool animals on Bali.

the best places in bali to spot cats (and other animals) catmom official

Visit the monkeys in Monkey Forest, Ubud

Bali, Ubud. If you walk towards the monkey forest in Ubud, you will see the monkeys on electricity cables outside the park and walking around in the street. Don’t be surprised if a monkey approaches you because they are not afraid at all. After a visit to Monkey Forest in Ubud you will understand where the phrase “cheeky monkey” comes from. From cute baby monkeys to impressive large specimens they all walk around the monkey forest, real close to you. You can buy bananas to give to the monkeys. Note: store food well in your bag or even better do not take any food with you because if a monkey sees the food he will steal it. Store valuables well, before you know it, a monkey has snatched your SLR camera out of your hands. A visit to the park costs a few euros and it is located in a beautiful old temple complex. The monkeys will undoubtedly bring a smile to your face if you are an animal lover.

Uluwatu cats

Bali, Uluwatu. A beautiful temple in the water, check how the tide is, sometimes you can even walk across the beach to the temple. Bonus: a lot of cats are living here. Some cats have half a tail. The story goes that in the past a piece of a cat’s tail was cut off when a cat stole food. And that there are now cat owners who “cut a piece of the cat’s tail” out of precaution “so that it is” warned “and will not steal food. Another story goes that by tying the tail, the distinction between street cats and cats kept as pets is made clear. This is not only the case in Bali but also in Sumatra and Java. It is more likely that the Manx cat breed also occurs in Indonesia. With this breed it is hereditary determined that they have no or a very short tail.

Snorkeling with sea turtles, sun fish and giant mantas

Bali, Sanur. The Gili Islands and Nusa Lembognan On the Gili Islands (Trawagan, Air and Meno) (all 3 easily accessible from Bali by boat) you can snorkel with sea turtles. And if you are lucky then you might see a baby turtle. From the south of Bali, the town of Sanur it is also nice snorkeling (you can then snorkel at Nusa Lembogan from a boat). Or you can choose to stay on Nusa Lembognan. Here you can even snorkel or dive with huge manta rays and beautiful large sun fishing. No snorkel set yourself? Not bad at all you can rent this for around 2 euros a day. Getting your PADI is also not that expensive in Indonesia, for around € 350 you can get your PADI that allows you to dive almost anywhere in the world.

Spotting dolphins at Lovina

Bali, Lovina. Realize that you are not the only one who will spot dolphins. And that there is a chance that you will not be so lucky that you will actually see a dolphin. But it can be fun to go spotting dolphins, from Lovina several boats depart every day to go spotting dolphins. This is best arranged on site.

Not in Bali, well worth it while it is still possible, Komodo Island

Not on Bali itself but easily accessible by plane from Bali. The Komodo islands are only open to the public until 1 January 2020, after which it will be closed to the public. What is only positive, the beautiful komodo also suffers from mass tourism. Here you can see the impressive prehistoric Komodo lizards. Certainly not cuddly (a bite from the komodo dragon contains 21 species of poison), but very special to see, as if you ended up in Jurassic Parc yourself.

Tip: know what you eat, B1 dog meat, B2 pork

In Indonesia they have different eating habits. For example, it is fairly common to eat dog meat. So it’s good to know that if there is a dog on the menu, this is indicated by B1. Unfortunately, eating dog meat in Indonesia has only been increasing in recent years, men who eat the meat believe that libido will increase as a result. B2 also stands for pork.

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