Review toothpaste and mouth spray for your cat from oxyfresh pets

The dental kit contains 6 object, 1 toothpaste for your cat, 1 mouth spray for your cat and 3 toothbrushes that you can put on your finger. (I use oxyfresh for my cat Theodore, but the toothpaste and mouth spray is also suitable for dogs).

Review toothpaste and mouth spray for your cat from oxyfresh pets

Step-by-step tutorial to get your cat used to brushing his teeth

Before I started brushing my cat his teeth, I let Theodore get used to it by first massaging his cheeks and then putting a finger in his mouth. When this went well I continued with the toothbrush. (Read more about how to get your cat used to toothbrushing)

The toothbrushes for your cat

The toothbrushes are easy to use, but I have to hold the toothbrush with my thumb when it is on my index finger. It is one size fits all. And for my finger that is way too big. It fits fine with my friend and the toothbrush stays on his finger. The toothbrush is also a bit big for Theodore’s mouth. Sometimes i use the toothbrush, but because the toothbrush does not fit well on my finger, I prefer to use a gauze (loose gauze can be obtained from the beauty shop, for example). I find it easier to put some toothpaste on the gauze and rub it with his teeth. (While my friend thinks it more convenient to use the toothbrush because the size fits him).

osyfresh dental kit toothpaste for cat tooth brush for cat

Cat-safe, non-toxic toothpaste

Theodore also responds well to the neutral taste. The ingredients are completely safe for cats. This is very important to me, I also like the fact that the toothpaste does not contain alcohol, which is often the case with other toothpastes for cats.

Your cat’s mouth smells completely fresh again.

Especially when Theodore has eaten wet food, his breath can smell less fresh. After brushing his teeth, he smells completely fresh again. (Very nice if I give him kisses on the face).

If his teeth do not need to be brushed and his breath does not smell so fresh, I use the oxyfresh spray. Theodore is now used to opening his mouth and spraying in his mouth is no problem (train this with your cat). The spray is nice to have, but the toothpaste is necessary for me.

toothpaste cat mouthspray cat review

Healing effect of the pet toothpaste

With Theodore I have not had any problems with it (perhaps because we regularly brush his teeth,to  prevent better than to cure), but oxyfresh also seems to help well against inflamed gums, it has a healing effect due to the anti-inflammatory ingredients. A dental infection that is treated too late can have very unpleasant consequences for your cat. In addition to pain, your cat’s teeth may fall out, and if the inflammation is not treated at all, it may even lead to death.

Do you want to try the oxyfresh toothpaste yourself? Order yours here.

I’ve got this oxyfresh pet toothpaste from oxyfres pets. #collab