Review & Giveaway HoneyGuaridan A36 Automatic Pet Feeder

I have been using the Honeyguardian drinking fountain for a while and I am very satisfied with it. My cat Theodore always has fresh water without having to check every time that his water bowl is full.

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I actually thought that I didn’t really need an automatic pet feeder for my cat. Theodore always had a bowl filled with food and never ate it completely empty. However, he recently started eating the bowl completely empty regardless of how much we filled up. From that moment on we also started giving quantities of feed measured at set times. And when you give your cat measured amounts of food at set times, it can sometimes be a bit tricky when, for example, you are not at home at the time your cat normally gets his food from you. The pet feeder will fill up your cat’s bowl when you are not at home. honeyguardian petfeeder theodore cat

Feed your cat automatically at night with the automatic food bowl

On the automatic feeder you can very easily set at what times you want the automatic feeder to give kibble. You can also easily set the quantity (you can indicate how many seconds kibbles may come out). You can choose the times yourself. Does your cat meow at night because he is hungry and his bowl is empty? You can also, for example, set at 3 a.m. that his bowl be filled with kibble. And you will have a good night rest. honeyguardian petfeeder theodore cat

Your cat will hear your voice when he is fed

The pet feeder also has a recording function. With this you can record your own voice. In this way you can “call” your cat for food with a personal message that you record yourself. The pet feeder repeats 3 times what you have spoken, and the second time the kibble flows into the food bowl.

I still give wet food manually in his bowl and I have to say that I still enjoy that contact moment while feeding. I wouldn’t want to miss the stroking that I get along my legs and the loud purr sound that he makes. But I think it is ideal that he now has dry food continuously, even if we go away for an evening, for example, his bowl is neatly filled. So the automatic pet feeder is defenitly worth it! theodore cat honeyguardian pet feeder catmom

Do you want to win an automatic pet feeder?

Do you want to win an automatic pet feeder?
In collaboration with Honeyguardian, I can give away an automatic pet feeder! Do you want to win one? You can participate in the giveaway from November 15 to November 22, 2019. The giveaway runs in collaboration with the account of my cat Theodore is open to the following regions: US, Canada, Japan and Europe. The winners will be announced after this date. Also participate: follow @honeyguardian_pets on instagram, @catmom.official and @theodore__cat.  Tag 3 friends who also want to win. Goodluck everypawdy! honeyguardian automatic pet feeder review theodore cat

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This review is in collab with Honeyguardian Pets. #collab