Recognize when a cat is in pain, cats don’t always show when they are in pain

Recognize when a cat is in pain, cats don't always show when they are in pain catmom official

That cats do not show that they are in pain is because they do not want to show others that they are weak. They are masters in hiding pain. The behavior of a cat can also be misunderstood. For example, a cat who is in real pain can purr out loud to comfort himself. Most cats don’t make a meowing sound when they experience pain.

Characteristics of when your cat is in chronic pain

Your cat may have been suffering from pain for a long time, so-called chronic pain complaints. You can then notice a difference in behavior.

Your cat sleeps more than usual

He is therefore less active and less playful

He moves less smoothly and is more careful when jumping

Your cat is a little less affectionate and even behaves aggressively in some cases

Your cat pays less attention to taking care of his fur.

Characteristics of when your cat suffers from acute pain

Your cat may also suddenly suffer from pain. After an accident or a fight, for example, acute pain.

If your cat suffers from acute pain you could recognize this by:

Your cat does not want to use the body part that hurts or wants to use less, this can be his paw for example

He does not jump if it is not necessary

He has closed his eyes or he has pupils that are very wide open

Your cat wants to be on his own

He has a reduced appetite

While your cat always ueses the litter box, he now pees at unwanted places

Aggressive behavior when you come near to the painful area but also in general

Blowing and growling (after the painful body part)

Lots of coat care at the spot where he is in pain

Changed posture, your cat is huddled up

It can also happen that your cat is in pain but does not behave as described above. When in doubt, contact your vet for consultation, especially if your cat’s behavior has suddenly changed a lot.

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