Recognize pregnancy in a cat

A cat is 9 weeks (63 days) pregnant (unlike people who are 9 months pregnant). Pregnancy can be demonstrated by the vet from about day 35 onwards. You can do damage to the kittens¬† if you put too much pressure on your cat’s pregnant belly yourself. Always have the vet check if your cat is pregnant.

Recognize pregnancy in a cat

Has your cat been fertile?

When a cat is at 80% of its body weight, it can already be fertile, which can sometimes cause very young cats to become pregnant. (Sometimes even at the age of 4 months). In general, cats get in heat between spring and fall when the days are longer and the temperature is higher. The heatiness of a cat lasts about 6 days. You will notice that the cat has a greater appetite and is more affectionate. She will roll over the ground and stick her abdomen in the air. She will also meow a lot, and in a lower tone. After the heat, she will be calm for about 10 days, after which the heat will start again. She can get pregnant in the heat period.

Prevent a cat from becoming pregnant.

You can prevent a cat from becoming pregnant by having it sterilized. It is usually recommended to do this at a young age. Determine the moment of sterilization of your cat in consultation with the vet.

The signs of pregnancy in a cat

When your cat is pregnant a few things will change, both physically and behaviorally. You could recognize the following when your cat is pregnant:

A change in behavior, this is different for every cat, so a cat can become much more affectionate or more irritable. The cat can also be less active when she is pregnant, you notice this because the cat needs more sleep and less play. In the last weeks before the birth your cat can also show nesting behavior, she will look for a quiet place where she can give birth to the kittens at a later time.

Your cat is gaining weight. A cat will become 40% heavier during pregnancy.

Nipples change. Your cat’s nipples will turn a bit darker during pregnancy and they will also grow a little larger.

Hollow back, this can often only be seen when the cat is a little longer pregnant. When you look at the cat from the side you will see that the belly protrudes and is more rounded, so that the back pulls a little more.

Take good care of your pregnant cat

Be careful with medication, postpone the worming of your cat for example.

In the last 3 weeks it is necessary that your cat eats enough so that she gets enough nutrients to grow the kittens

Make sure your cat has a comfortable place to give birth, this can be a cardboard box with a blanket in it. Also keep your cat indoors the last few weeks so that you will be there if she gives birth and she is not looking for a place to give birth outside