Reasons to adopt an adult cat from the shelter

Unfortunately, there are many prejudices about shelter cats. “There must be something wrong with the cat, otherwise this cat would not be in the shelter”. Unfortunately, one of the biggest prejudices about cats. Totally unjustified. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not delve into what is involved in taking care of a cat. Unfortunately, cats are the victims of this and unfortunately they are still taken to a shelter too often. But there are also plenty of cats that are brought to the shelter because the situation of their former owner has changed so much that they are no longer able to take care of the cat or give the cat sufficient attention.

Reasons to adopt an adult cat from the shelter

The main reasons why cats are brought to the shelter

The owner of the cat appears to be allergic.

A changed family composition, for example, the arrival of a baby or a compound family where several pets are suddenly combined in a family.

A relationship that ends, the cat keeps living with one of the owners and he or she has insufficient time for the cat.

A new living situation does not allow pets (for example a house rental contract that doesn’t allow pets).

There may also be another reason such as work, which make that the owner suddenly has insufficient time for the cat.

A changed financial situation that causes that taking care of the cat has beocme too expensive for the owner.

The owner of the gets ill and the disease makes him physically unable to take good care of the cat.

Wrong expectations because the owner did not do enough research before he or she decided to take care of a cat.

If a cat has been brought to the shelter for one of the above reasons, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the cat. In many cases, such a cat has had a loving home. And he definitely deserves a warm home in the future.

There are many advantages to adopting a shelter cat

A shelter cat has had a medical check, had had anti flea and anti worm treatment and is vaccinated. 

In many cases, the cat is also neutered or sterilized (this saves on costs)

A shelter cat is not expensive to purchase

A shelter cat is already well trained and most of the time well socialized (this does of course vary per cat)

An adult shelter cat is also a lot calmer than a kitten and will also be a lot more relaxed.

Much is already known about the behavior and character of the cat, so you can determine whether the cat suits you and your family situation.

The shelter cat is already chipped

Every cat deserves a loving home and by adopting a cat, you can offer a new loving forever home to a shelter cat

Tips for adopting an asylum cat

Together with the shelter staff, try to find out which cat best fits your lifestyle in character. Visit the shelter a few times and spend a lot of time with your new buddy to see if the click is there before you actually adopt the cat.