Punishing your cat, this is why it doesn’t work.

People often think that punishing a cat works out really well. Because the cat (when the owner is around to punish him) does not show the behavior. Sometimes the (unwanted) behavior of the cat is also a signal that the cat is stressed or has physical problems. Cats are masters in hiding pain. If your cat suddenly starts to show undesirable behavior try to eliminate out it is not caused by a physical issue or stress. What we humans see as undesirable behavior is often very natural behavior for a cat. Try to understand that it is natural behavior. And try to understand if there are enough alternatives in your home for the cat to express its natural behavior he may show unwanted behavior. So always ask yourself why your cat is doing something and whether it is missing something in his environment.

Punishing your cat, this is why it doesn't work.

Unlearn your cat behavior with a plant spray

If your cat does something that is not allowed, spray it wet with the plant sprayer. He runs away and stops what he was doing (for example, scratching your beautiful couch). If you have ‘punished’ your cat a number of times with the plant sprayer, your cat will be gone immediately the next time you bring out the plant sprayer. Nice it works out really well, you probably think. Unfortunately, your cat has not unlearned what he is not allowed to do, he associates the plant sprayer with something unpleasant and leaves. You will also notice that when you go to work for a day and come home that the sofa still has more scratches on it than before you left for work. When you are not around,neither do the plant spray is. This means that your cat not stop scratching the couch because he has not learned that he is not allowed to scratch the couch. What does work is putting the plant sprayer in the cupboard and never using it again. Instead make the couch as unattractive as possible and give your cat alternatives to scratch. (Read tips here how to best tackle unwanted scratching behavior).

Put the nose of your cat through his own faeces

Probably your cat will poop in unwanted places before you realized it. Besides that it is not correct to put his nose through his own faeces when he pooped or peed in an unwanted place.The cat will also not understand why you are doing it, the link between what he did a few hours ago and what he is now being punished for will your cat not immediately make. You cat can also starts being afraid to pee. And then you have a bigger problem. (Tips on how to deal with a cat that urinates in the house).

Beating your cat and yelling at you cat

Will only provide more distance between you and your cat. Yelling at your cat and beating him is often a sign of frustration and powerlessness and does not help at all. Your cat may even become scared of you, which can put a lot of stress on him.

Grab it in the neck

Arguments such as the mother cat are also grabs her kittens by the neck are only partially correct. The mother cat does not use it to punish the cat but to move the cat. Lifting an adult cat can be quite painful for a cat. So never do that

What does work instead of punishing your cat

So what does work is making the unwanted behavior as unattractive as possible and offering your cat interesting alternatives. And sometimes it is as simple as what he is not allowed to do make unreachable for your cat. Has your cat bitten your phone charger in half for the second time? Charge your phone in a place that your cat cannot reach. (Tips to ensure that cats do not bite cables). It is important to turn unwanted behavior into positive behavior. (And keep in mind that your cat shows natural behavior and that he should also have sufficient opportunities to be able to express his natural behavior. But in the right places). And last but not least, reward good behavior.