Prejudices that you can encounter as a catmom

Cat lady, crazy cat lady and cat mother usually don’t have a positive association, read more about why that is.

There are therefore some prejudices that you can encounter. Sometimes they are correct, but not all cat lovers meet all prejudices

prejudices that you can encounter as a catlady catmom

Cat ladies are socially awkward.

A female cat has (or wants) at least 6 cats.

A crazy cat lady cancels appointments with friends because she feels like chilling with her cat.

A crazy cat lady spends way too much money on her cat.

A cat lady only has pictures of cats on her phone.

A cat lady has never had a relationship and will remain single throughout her life.

The home of a crazy cat lady smells like a mixture of cat litter and cat food.

As a true crazy cat lady has entire conversations with her cat.

I am quite guilty of a few prejudices. I just had a good conversation about it with my cat and he didn’t mind.