My cat drinks too much water and pees too much

My cat drinks too much water and pees too much catmom official

It is often the case that cats drink (too) much. Have you noticed that your cat suddenly drinks much more than he normally always did? It may have an underlying cause such as:

Kidney problems

Liver problems

Bladder infection


Thyroid problems

Keep a close eye on how much water your cat drinks and pees

It is important to monitor how much water your cat drinks. Does your cat spends a lot of time outdoors? Then it is more difficult to estimate how much your cat actually drinks. Consider temporarily keeping your cat indoors. And prepare a drinking list. Also check the litter box to estimate whether your cat pees more often.

Also keep an eye on how much your cat eats, does your cat eat less? Or just a lot more? Did your cat lose weight? All valuable information for your veterinarian.

Never remove your cat’s water bowl

Maybe your cat now also temporarily pees outside the litter box. There is a reason and probably an underlying cause that your cat drinks a lot and pees a lot. Also give your cat the opportunity to drink and never remove his drinking bowl.

Call a vet on time if your cat drinks too much

If you really do not trust it, you can always consult with your veterinarian whether it is necessary to have a urine test performed. Here the vet can check how concentrated your cat’s urine is, which bacteria the urine contains and whether there are other abnormalities. A blood test can also take place to assess the functioning of the organs. Whether any treatment is necessary and what it will be depends on the underlying cause.

Maybe you now ask yourself how much a cat drinks on average? And what if your cat drinks too little water?