Moments when cats are no fun

As a catmom you are undoubtedly fond of your cat, you love him dearly.

But sometimes there are moments when you don’t like your cat that much. (Usually this is just for a brief moment and you can smile afterwards about what your cat did).

Moments when cats are no fun

Your cat looks you in the eye when he throws stuff from the table

Your cat is sitting on the edge of the coffee table. Next to him is a glass that still has a bottom of lemonade in it. Your cat has “knocked” the same type of glass off the table 4 times with its paw. Your cat looks you in the eye while he also gives glass number 5 a tap with his paw. You are too far away from the table to still be able to save the glass.

The crazy 5 minutes at night

It is 3 o’clock in the morning when you suddenly wake up. You felt something jump on your foot. It is your cat who thinks it is the purrfect time to run around the entire house, including your bedroom.

Sabotage of your holiday

You go on holiday and are a bit rushing because you don’t want to miss your flight. You want to take your cat to the catsitter. His travel basket is ready. You come closer. Nice I can grab him, so this goes well, you think. Suddenly he looks at you with big eyes and he sprints away. He sits down under the couch. Exactly far enough so that you cannot grab him easily. If you then twist yourself in all sorts of turns and almost have him, he will move up another 20 inch so that you still cannot reach him.

When your cat doesn’t pay attention to his new toys or furniture

You have spent a small fortune on a new cat bed. You know for sure that this will be your cat’s new favorite place to sleep. Your cat looks at the new furniture piece from a distance. With his favorite candies you try to lure your cat to his new basket. Despite your attempts, he does not come close to the new basket. When you put your cat in, it immediately comes out. He walks straight to the cardboard box in which the basket is delivered this morning. The cardboard box is now his favorite place to sleep.

A laundry basket full of cat hair

Your basket of clean (almost cat hair free) ironed laundry is ready to go into the closet. Before the item of clothing is in the closet, your cat gets an eye for the laundry basket that is filled with clean laundry. He thinks it’s actually a nice place for his well-earned afternoon nap. And your laundry is no longer as cat hair free as before.

Is this recognizable? Then it is probably recognizable that you can laugh about it later and you are still very fond of your cat with its sometimes very funny actions.