Is your cat afraid of fireworks? The best tips to make your cat less afraid of fireworks

For many cats, the loud noise of fireworks can cause a lot of stress, and sometimes even fear. A cat hears 5x as much as a human. And so will the noise from the fireworks perceive even more intensively than his owner. One cat will experience fireworks more stressfully than the other cat. There are also cats who respond very relaxed to the sound of fireworks. It totally depends on the character of the cat.

The best tips to make your cat less afraid of fireworks

Let your cat get used to the sound of fireworks.

For example, before a New Year’s Eve, turn on a YouTube video every day in which fireworks are lit (not at too high a volume). In this way your cat will get used to the popping and whistling sound of fireworks. Reward your cat with a treat if he responds well to this.

Keep your cat indoors during New Year’s Eve to prevent animal suffering

Unfortunately, as soon as people get hold of fireworks, there is a lot of animal abuse. For example, December 10, 2019, the news message appeared that cat Karel from IJsselstijn (the Netherlands) had died after fireworks had been put in his back. 10 centimeters from his gut had been burned away by the fireworks. So incredibly sad that there are people who do this to a cat. Unfortunately, there are also people who throw fireworks at cats or dogs. Try to keep your cat inside as much as possible during the period that fireworks are lit. Certainly during New Year’s Eve. Pay extra attention when opening doors to the outside. If your cat is frightened, he can still escape outside. Always try to keep an extra door between the outside door (for example the door to the hall) closed before you open the door to the outside. Do you have a cat flap? Don’t forget to close it.

Make it as comfortable as possible for your cat inside

Ensure that the stimuli from the outside come in as little as possible. Close the curtains and switch on the light inside. If you turn on the light, the flashes from the outside are less noticeable. Also turn on some music or the TV. The sound from the TV will make the bangs sound less loud.

It’s okay if your cat goes to a quiet place, for example under the couch. Let him sit quietly there too. It is not necessary to remove him from under the couch. This can make him feel safe. Also place one or more cardboard boxes in the house. Cats feel safe when they are in a cardboard box. And by placing some extra boxes in your house you give him extra options.

Provide distraction for your cat

Do you notice that your cat is tense but not yet very anxious? Then you can make your cat a little more relaxed by offering him distraction. For example, go play with him or give him small portions of food instead of his entire meal at once. He will be distracted by the food.

Medication to keep your cat calm during the fireworks

Always consult the use of any medication with the vet. He can decide whether it is useful to prescribe alprazolam or diazepam, for example. In this way you are also assured that your cat will receive the correct dosage.