Is a laser light toy harmful to your cat?

Laser lights are often used as cat toys. I’m sure you have seen a cat movie pass by where a cat enthusiastically follows the tip of the laser beam.

Is a laser light toy harmful to your cat catmom official

A laser light is unsatisfactory for your cat

Your cat instinctively loves hunting. If he hunts a (toy) mouse, he will also be able to keep his prey in his claws. When a cat goes after a laser light, it will never be able to hold its prey in its paws. The tip of the laser beam disappears. With a laser beam, catching a prey is impossible. That your cat literally has empty pawsies will be unsatisfactory. If you nevertheless choose to let your cat play with a laser light, make sure there is a reward that replaces the “catching” of the prey. This way you can reward your cat with his favorite treats after playing. In this way you prevent that your cat is not noticing that the game of hunting is over and that he is still looking for the laser light hours later. This could make your cat very frustrated.

Your cat’s eyes are very sensitive to the laser beam

If you shine straight into the eyes of your cat with the laser beam, this can not only be very unpleasant for him, it can even cause damage to your cat’s eyes. One type of laser light will be more harmful than the other. If you do play with a laser light, make sure that you do not shine into the eyes of your cat. This can be difficult because your cat moves a lot during hunting. Make sure you don’t  shine into your cat his eyes by accident.