Is catnip dangerous for your cat?

Is catnip dangerous to your cat?

Catnip is related to mint-like plants. The latin name of the catnip is nepeta cataria. There is a slightly hallucinating substance in the catnip, that is called nepetalactone. Not every cat is susceptible to catnip. About half to three quarters of all cats respond to catnip. It is even genetically determined whether your cat is sensitive to catnip or not. Your cat must breathe in the catnip to have an effect. It may be that if your cat smells on the catnip, he pushes his tongue against his palate (his lip is slightly raised). This way he can smell even better. Funny is that not only cat species love it but also larger cats such as lions and tigers love catnip. It may be possible that your kitten does not respond to catnip yet but does do so at a later age. Young cats and kittens are less sensitive to catnip.

The catnip trip

If your cat is sensitive to catnip, he will notice its effects. No worries your cat is probably having a good time. Please note that your cat does not use too much catnip, because your catcan become aggressive when he uses too much catnip. In this it is better not to give him any more toys with catnip.

What you can notice about your cat when your cat is under the influence of catnip

Your cat rubs his cheeks or body against the toy in which catnip is incorporated

His eyes are a bit different (a more wild or “drunk” sight)

Loud meowing

Rolling on the floor

Become sleepier


The catnip trip takes a few minutes to fifteen minutes. Your cat is a bit in his own world, the best thing for the cat is to leave him alone. When the trip is over, your cat is also no longer susceptible to catnip for an hour. Catnip is therefore a harmless stimulant for your cat.

Catnip is available in various forms

Catnip is used in many cat toys. The effect of this decreases after a certain time. There is catnip spray available with which you can make the toy interesting again by spraying catnip on it. There are also special bubble blowers available with which you can blow catnip bubbles that you cat can chase. But catnip is also available separately. A good tip is to marinate toys 24 hours in catnip in a plastic bag so that they have the catnip smell again and are attractive to cats. Dried catnip is best stored in the freezer, UV light ensures that the effect of the catnip decreases, this is prevented if you store the catnip in the freezer. But of course you can also grow catnip yourself (fun to do and it saves you money).

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