How you should pet a cat.

How you should pet a cat catmom official

For most people petting a cat happens very natural. But for a child or an adult who has never stroked a cat, it may be necessary to find out how to do this.

Every cat is different of course and one cat likes to be pet more than another cat. There are also cat breeds that are known to go well with children.

Places where a cat likes to be petted

Cats like to be petted where they have scent glands. So the person who strokes them starts smelling like them, and therefore they smell safely. Let the cat always approach you. It is important to let the cat get used to you and your scent.

Cats love to be petted

Under the chin

Behind the ears and between the ears

His cheeks (behind the whiskers)

The sides of his head

You stroke the cat’s body in the direction his hair grows, so you stroke it from its head to its tail. (Petting against the direction of the hairgrow is not pleasant for cats). Let your hand go over his body without exerting too much pressure, if your cat likes it he will push  his back against your hand. He will also push his head against your hand if you stop petting, this is a sign that he wants to be petted even more.

When is it better to stop petting a cat?

Sometimes a cat is not in the mood to be petted. It may also be that he has had enough of it during stroking. You better stop petting:

If the cat’s ears are flat

When the cat makes a growling or blowing sound

When the tail starts swinging

If the cat tries to dodge your hand and suddenly moves a lot

When the cat runs away

Also keep in mind that purring does not always mean that a cat is having a good time. Meows the cat? This can be encouraging or he may want you to stop stroking him.

Parts of the cat his body you should better not pet  

On his belly (it can look inviting when a cat rolls on its back, but don’t touch his belly, he will defend himself and he may even scratch you).

His legs

Stroking cats reduces stress

A cat generally likes it better to be petted short and often than a long stroking session (especially if the cat does not know you well). Let the cat determine the pace and especially enjoy petting (you make endorphins and oxytocin during petting a cat which reduces stress).

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