How to take beautiful pictures of your cat

You can take the most beautiful pictures with a camera. However, nowadays the cameras on smartphones are so much improved, you can also take beautiful pictures of your cat with your phone.

How to take beautiful pictures of your cat

Provide sufficient natural light

With natural light you can take the most beautiful photos, even when you are indoors make sure that sufficient daylight shines through the windows. The color of the eyes and the fur of your cat looks more natural and even better.

Fast shutter speed to capture your cat in action

When you use a fast shutter speed or burst mode of your smartphone camera you can capture the nicest facial expressions and poses of your cat.

Take pictures of your cat in its natural habitat

You really don’t need to try to get your cat to pose, a cat doesn’t have to sit still to take a nice photo. Be surprised by the beautiful pictures that you take when your cat just doing his thing and is in full action. Does your cat like to play in the garden, take photos as he walks through the garden. If your cat is sleeping on the windowsill, then you can take great pictures of him. Let your cat do his thing and try not to let him do something that he normally doesn’t do either. Capture the character of your cat, this makes your cat unique.

Treat yo cat

If you want your cat to look in a different direction, a treat can help. Reward your cat afterwards for all of the hard meowdel work he did.

Photograph multiple pets at the same time

Do you have several pets and can they get along well? Interaction between different pets often leads to  the most beautiful pictures.

Play with different angles

Usually the pictures you take from below are the most beautiful, your cat looks a bit bigger and looks really pretty, but you can also take surprisingly beautiful photos from a different angle, play with this.