How to remove the smell of cat urine

The smell of urine from cats smells very strong. When your cat pees somewhere he shouldn’t do it, you want to remove this odor as quickly as possible. (You can also use the step-by-step plan below if you want to remove your cat’s spray spots).

How to remove the smell of cat urine catmom official cattips cleaningtips

Paper towels for first aid with a cat urine stain

If the urine has not dried yet, soak up the urine with a paper towel or a cloth (for example, an old towel that you can then throw away after using). Absorb and remove as much of the urine as possible.

Baking soda is your best friend to remove nasty cat pee odors

Do not use vinegar or chlorine or a strong-smelling detergent, your cat will be triggerd to  scentmark again. Your cat doesn’t like the strong smell of vinegar or chlorine and it only encourages your cat to pee again.

Use biotex or baking soda instead. 

Biotex really absorbs the scent. Sometimes the nasty scent even disappears completely. Tip: first test a small piece of the surface to be cleaned before you get started.

Sprinkle biotex on the puddle, give it time to withdraw. At least a day, but sometimes it can help to have this withdrawn for a few days. Sometimes this is enough to remove the scent completely.

If the smell has not completely disappeared, use a very neutral smelling detergent without ammonia and clean the surface with a damp cloth.

Use cleaning salt to remove the last nasty cat urine odors

Then pat it dry (not completely dry), sprinkle cleaning salt (baking soda) on it and scrub the surface, you can use an old toothbrush so that you can rub the salt well into the stain. Then let the area to air dry. When the area has dried completely, you can remove the excess salt with the vacuum cleaner.

Remove cat urine stain from clothing

Is there a cat urine stain in your clothing? Soak your garment in soapy water with biotex. Then you can throw the garment in the laundry machine.

Wondering why your cat is spraying or peeing around the house? (And how can you prevent this?)