How to make your garden catproof.

How to make your garden catproof catmom official cattips

Would you like your cat to stay in your garden when he is outdoors? A cat easily jumps over your high fence or wall. Usually a fence does not keep it in the garden. A fenced garden offers a little more safety, since there are no cars that can drive your cat over or other animals that can attack your cat. You can choose to fence your garden or to build a cat outdoor accommodation.

Enclose the garden so that your cat stays in your garden

The fence does not only keep your cat inside the garden but it also keeps other cats outside. This way your cat will not be bothered by neighborhood cats, because other cats in your cat’s territory can cause stress. Make sure there are no trees near the fence, because your cat can still escape by climbing the tree. The fence (this can be a wall) must be at least 180 centimeters high. Make sure that the last part of the fence points inwards at an angle of 45 degrees. This prevents cats from climbing over the fence.

You can also choose to cover the fence with mesh. Use chicken wire or spot-welded metal wire for this. Mesh with a width of 1.6 mm and a mesh width of a maximum of 2.5 centimeters. This so that your cat cannot escape. Make sure that the mesh is properly secured to the sides and bottom so that the cat cannot escape.

A protective net can also be used to close off a small part of the garden or balcony.

An outdoor cat accommodation

You can make an outdoor accommodation for a cat as luxurious as you want. You can buy a cat outdoor accommodation that is tailor-made for you. But you can also choose to make one yourself. You can for example use a part of a garden shed which you convert into an outdoor space for your cat. Or you can build one between walls and fences that are already there. It is often used to give the cat the opportunity to enter the house through a cat flap in the outdoor accomodation. In terms of material you can choose wood, steel or aluminum. It is important that the outside is made of fine mesh. You can also purchase a ready-made outdoor accommodation for your cat.

In summer you can even set up a outdoor tent for your cat. Check more details about the outdoor tent here.