How to celebrate your cat’s birthday

These days it is quite normal to take a moment to celebrate your pet’s birthday. That is a good thing because how fun it is to celebrate your cat’s birthday. A cat year equals 7 human years, another reason not to skip your cat’s birthday.

The birth date of some cats may not be known. Of course you can also celebrate the day your cat comes to live with you. An adoptiversery pawty.

How to celebrate your cat's birthday

The tips to give your cat a pawsome birthday pawty

Birthday meal

Your cat will in no doubt get a king’s meal every day, but on his birthday it is of course extra fun to have your cat put on a feast meal. Also some extra of his favorite snacks are of course always a good idea.


No birthday without presents, you know your cat best and know what he likes. For example, if your cat is mad at catnip, surprise him with a new catnip toy or a scratching furniture with catnip in it.

Surprise your cat with a festive cardboard box

Find the largest cardboard box that you can find. Cats and boxes remain a golden combination. Decorate this box with garlands and balloons. If you really want to go big, get creative with the cardboard box and turn it into a cat villa by cutting out windows and doors.

Decoration for your cat’s birthday

Decorate your house with garlands and balloons with cats or paw prints. Pawty garlands are also available. Also a mini party hat and a normal version for you and your cat should not be missing.

It is of course super fun to celebrate your cat’s birthday with your cat. Do you want to tackle it really big then invite other catmoms, cats and wine the best combination.