How much money does a cat cost?

Before you get a cat it is useful to think about the costs that a cat entails so that you can take this into account. There are expenses that you have to make once but there are also costs that recur every month, you will have to purchase food and cat litter every month.

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The one-off expenses for a cat listed

Purchase of a European shorthair kitten

The purchase of European shorthair kittens (the normal cats) can sometimes be free. However, a small amount is often asked for a kitten. (And this is not without reason, in the past kittens have fallen prey to snake owners who fed the kittens to their snake. To counteract this, an amount is often asked for a kitten). The purchase of a normal kitten will be between € 0 and € 50 euros.

Purchase for a cat from the shelter

Are you adopting a cat from the shelter? Then a reimbursement is requested that is approximately between € 35 and € 70. (Usually the older the cat, the lower the reimbursement). The big advantage is that a cat from the shelter has been medically examined and has had all vaccinations.

Purchase purebred costs

The costs for purchasing a purebred cat are slightly higher, on average between € 500 and € 1,200. This may seem like a lot of money, but don’t forget that breeders of purebred cats also have sufficient costs. A purebred cat leaves the litter on average at 14 weeks. (A European Shorthair sometimes already after 8 weeks). This means that a cattery takes care of the kitten for longer period of time, this not only takes time to socialize the kitten, but also more money, also for veterinary costs. A pedigree kitten is completely checked by the vet, has all the necessary vaccinations and is chipped. Also keep in mind that you have to pay for the cover by a stud and this often also requires high amounts. Both parents of the kitten are also regularly checked for their health in order to exclude any illnesses (which in turn entails costs). In addition, the cattery is affiliated with a cat association and the kitten receives a pedigree (requesting the pedigree also entails some costs). You will also receive a carefully selected kitten package when you collect the purebred cat.

Castration or sterilization costs

Your cat will probably be neutered or sterilized. The costs of the sterilization depend on the weight of your cat and the sterilization method and range from € 75 to € 200 euros. The cost of a castration is € 75 on average.

Purchase cat supplies

You will also need to purchase some items such as a scratching post or scratching board (between € 10 and € 350). View the nicest scratching posts here. One or 2 litter boxes (depending on the size of your home between € 10 and € 50). There are many different types of litter boxes, view the different models here. A transport basket (€ 10 to € 30 Different transport baskets.). Possibly a basket to sleep in (€ 10 to € 30). Are you going for a basket where your cat can hide completely or a fun cat tipi?

You will also purchase some small items such as a shovel scoop possibly a collar and some toys count on an amount between € 5 and € 100.

Annual cat costs.

In addition, you will have recurring costs such as a visit to the vet for a health check and vaccination.

This will amount to an average of € 120 annually.

If your cat suddenly gets ill or has an accident, this amount can quickly add up. Keep this in mind and possibly try to save for this, you can also take out insurance for your pet.

Monthly recurring costs

Also monthly there will be recurring costs such as food, cat litter (and anti fleas and ticks) count here on average at around € 23 euros per month.

There are also variable cat costs.

For example, if you go on holiday and take your cat to a cat hotel, keep in mind that this will cost you around € 10 to € 15 per day.

Which pet costs more, a cat or a dog?

On average, cats are cheaper than dogs. You will spend an average of € 23 per month on a cat and € 120 in veterinary costs on an annual basis. For a dog these monthly costs are higher,  € 50 per month. The annual veterinary costs are also on average higher at around € 160 per year.

Maybe a cat costs more than you expected, bear in mind that you can probably care for a cat for the next 15 years. Consider whether your financial situation allows this.