How do you recognize a healthy cat?

As a catmom you want your cat to be healthy. Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to keep your cat as healthy as possible. Many ailments can already be prevented by proper care.

How do you recognize a healthy cat?

A healthy cat has a good appetite.

Healthy cats have a good appetite. They often eat just a little more than they actually need. This can lead to being overweight. Is your cat no longer hungry? This can be a sign that there is more going on. If your cat does not eat for several days, he may even suffer from fatty liver, with all the serious consequences that this entails. Drinking too little or not drinking at all can have adverse consequences for the kidneys and the bladder. Always keep a close eye on whether your cat eats and drinks enough and if this is not the case, consult the vet.

Clear eyes and a clean nose.

It is important that the eyes or a cat  are clear, so no tear eyes and no pus in the eyes. When your cat has just slept there may be some liquid in the corners of his eyes. This is completely normal. The nose should be clean. Keep an eye on a dirty nose, especially in combination with sneezing.

Clean ears.

The ears of the cat should also be clean on the inside. Too much earwax can lead to an annoying ear infection. It can also be a sign that your cat is suffering from ear mites. If your cat scratches his ears a lot or shakes his head a lot, it may be because he is bothered by his ears. Have your veterinarian take a look at it, ear drops may be needed, only administer them on the advice of the vet. Tips for cleaning your cat’s ears.

Clean teeth.

The teeth should be clean, free plaque. Discolored teeth can also be a sign that there is more going on. Does the gum look red and bloody? Then this is probably inflamed. Does your cat suddenly find it difficult to eat? He may have problems with his teeth or gums, the vet checks the teeth during the annual check-up. If there are problems with the teeth earlier you can always visit the vet for a check. He can advise you to brush your cat’s teeth.

Clean coat and skin.

A healthy coat is clean and has no tangles or bald spots. Still a bald place? This can be caused by a collar, and collars can also cause your cat to catch himself. If the coat is not clean you can consider bathing your cat. However, often brushing the cat is enough. The skin must be free of flakes and red spots.

A cat moves smoothly.

Does your cat run stiff or a little limply and has difficulty jumping? Or does he even avoid jumping in general? That is not okay. Cats are naturally flexible, loanable and can climb and jump well. A cat that is outside a lot has a somewhat stimulating environment and will move faster than a cat who only stays indoors. Make sure there are enough incentives indoors, too little exercise can cause urinary problems and being overweight.

Feces from a cat.

Healthy feces from a cat should be firm. If the stools suddenly become a bit thinner, have a different color or if there is blood in the stools, then this is usually a sign that something is wrong. Stress can also cause thin stools. Also sudden changes in food can cause a change in stools.

Urinary tract problems are unfortunately also common in cats, for example, bladder grit formation can cause cystitis. This can be caused by too little drinking and peeing or a bacterial infection. Wondering how much a cat drinks on average?

Has something suddenly changed in your cat’s faeces or are you unsure? Then have this checked at the vet.

Body temperature of a cat is a little bit higher than the average body temperature of a human.

The body temperature of cats is slightly higher than the body temperature of people. Don’t be shocked if your cat has 39 degrees. The normal temperature for a cat is 38 to 39 degrees. The temperature is not constant throughout the day and may be somewhat lower in the morning than in the evening. You can measure the temperature yourself with a thermometer in the anus (use some Vaseline for this). If the temperature is higher than 39 degrees, it is advisable to consult  the vet.