How do you lift a cat and is a cat okay with being lifted from the ground?

If you lift your cat you obviously don’t want to hurt him. It is important that your cat is calm and relaxed before you start lifting it from the ground. If you stand behind your cat and you pick him up, he will probably get scared or panic. Make sure your cat sees you, stroke the cat first before you pick him up.

If the cat is a bit irritated or when you notice that he does not want to be lifted up, please respect this and try again later if necessary.

How do you lift a cat and is a cat okay with being lifted from the ground? Catmom official

How do you lift a cat from the ground?

After you have reassured your cat and you feel that he wants to be picked up, place one hand under his stomach behind his front paws. Place the other hand under the cat’s hind legs. Then carefully lift it and bring the cat towards your chest. Hold the cat against your body and support his lower body with both hands. Make sure his head is directly above his body and that he is sitting upright. Your cat will often be okay with this and sometimes even start purring. Never pick up a cat in its neck skin.

Allow a cat to get used to be lifted of the ground

Start with this if it is still a kitten and take it step by step. First let your cat get used to putting your hand under the belly and under the hind legs. If your cat is used to this, put your other hand behind the hind legs of the cat. If your cat is okay with this, lift him a few seconds, a few centimeters off the ground. You can expand this when your cat responds well to it.

Let it go

If you notice that your cat is going to move a lot or even meow, then it is time to carefully put your cat back on the ground. Also don’t be surprised if the cat jumps out of your arms when he’s tired of lying in your arms.

Your cat may find it annoying to be lifted of the ground

Do you only lift your cat of the ground when it is time to be put in the travel basket to visit the vet? Or when your cat is sitting on the counter and you lift your cat off and tell him  that this is not allowed? Then your cat will probably associate being lifted with something negative. If you are going to practice lifting, do this also at times when your cat does nothing wrong and then reward your cat with a treat. The lifting will be linked to something positive.

Picking up your cat is not something that is necessary, it can be useful in some situations if your cat is used to it, for example if you have to go to the vet.

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