How do you groom your cats coat yourself? And why it is a better idea to have a cat groomer let take care of your cats fur

When your cat’s fur is tangled up (especially with medium to long-haired breeds) you may have to shave your cat. The most convenient and easiest thing is to have this done by a professional groomer. A cat groomer has experience with keeping your cat calm while shaving or thinning the fur. The trimster uses trimming techniques that give the coat a beautiful shape and more importantly the chance that the trimster accidentally shaves the cat is a lot smaller than if you would try it yourself. A visit to the groomer will probably give your cat (and you) less stress than when you try to trim your cat yourself.

How do you groom your cats coat yourself? And why it is a better idea to have a cat groomer let take care of your cats fur

Are there other options than grooming your cat yourself?

Do you still want to try to groom your cat? Consider whether there are other options such as thinning the fur. The cat’s coat has an insulating effect, it keeps your cat cool in the summer and warm in the winter. For example, if your cat still has some feces on his fur, you can also choose to first try to thin the fur at that spot so that the feces disappears.

Step-by-step grooming your cat

Get a good hair trimmer especially for small animals (Never use a razor). Also, before you start, make sure that everything you need is near you

Ask someone who knows the cat well to help you, you don’t want to do this on your own. The person who helps you can hold the cat and calm him down.

Brush the fur of your cat before you start grooming

Make sure you know what you want to groom before you start so that you do not remove more hair than necessary and you are not busy with grooming longer than necessary.

While grooming, make sure you check that the trimmer is not too hot, and if necessary, have a break in between.

If you groom, let the person holding the cat keep the piece of skin that you are grooming as tight as possible to prevent you accidentally shaving the cat in his skin.

Make sure that the trimmer goes in the direction of growth of the coat and that you do not exert too much pressure on the device.

Do not groom the hairs too short.

Watch out for tactile hairs (not only whiskers but also the hairs above the eyes and at the back of the paws)

Also do not groomthe legs, then you cannot accidentally touch nerves.

Amazon has a wide range of hair clippers especially for cats, view the cats hair clippers. 

The preference is to have a cat groomed at a cat grooming salon.