How do I bathe my cat?

Cats are known to take good care of themselves and keep themselves clean. Sometimes it may be necessary to bathe your cat if, for example, your cat is very dirty from playing outside and is no longer able to keep its own fur clean. Not many cats like to take a bath. Washing your cat is not something you do for fun, so always consider carefully whether it is really necessary to bathe your cat at that time. Taking a bath can be a stressful event for your cat.

Bathing your cat without getting clawed to death

Does a cat actually need a bath? How often do you bathe a cat?

A long-haired cat will need a bath about once a month (if it is really necessary). A shorthair once every 4 to 6 months (if it is really necessary). If your cat is not dirty and can keep itself clean, there is no reason to bathe him and you can also choose not to.

But first, time for a pawdicure.

To make it more easy for yourself, it is best to clip the cats nails before you put the cat in the bath. Most cats start to fight a bit when you try to bathe them. To limit the damage it is useful if his nails are clipped. Clip the nails a day or a few hours before you wash the cat so that it has time to calm down.

Comb all loose hair out of your cat’s fur.

Bathing your cat is more effective if you have already brushed the loose hairs out of your cat’s coat. Moreover, especially with long-haired cats, it prevents knots and tangles in the coat when it is wet. Reward your cat with his favorite treats and give your cat time to relax before you start bathing.

Make sure you have a towel and treats ready

Make sure you have everything near, such as a towel, treats, toys for in the water, a bowl where you can put water and special cat shampoo in. Always wash your cat with shampoo specially made for cats. Shampoos for humans can be dangerous or even toxic to pets.

If you wash the cat in the sink you can stand up straight yourself

You can use the bathtub,  put a bowl in the shower or use the sink. The advantage of the sink is that you can just stand upright.

Time to bathe your cat.

Fill the basin, bathtub or sink with medium warm water before you start. This way you prevent your cat from being scared by the running stream of water. Hold your cat tightly, as soon as the cat notices that your grip is loosing, he will probably try to escape. Make the water attractive by adding toys. Your cat will find it less scary to enter the water when his favorite toys are in it.

First make your cat a bit wet by scooping some medium warm water from the sink or basin with a bowl and pouring the water over its body. If your cat is not afraid of running water, you could also use the shower head to wet and rinse your cat. If your cat is wet, wash it with cat shampoo. Massage the shampoo well, start with his neck and work backwards. Then rinse him by pouring water on your cat. Reward him with treats while doing this.

Dry your cat after washing.

You can gently rub your cat dry with a towel. Let your cat dry further in the air. You can also choose to dry your cat with a blowdryer at the lightest setting. Make sure the blowdryer is in the lightest position and is not too hot for your cat.

More tips for your cat’s coat care?