Help my cat scratches and destroys my couch

A cat scratches to sharpen his nails, this is natural behavior. But it is less pleasant for you when your cat is use your couch as a scratching post.

Scratching is also a form of territory definition. There are scent glands between the paw pads. In addition, scratching can be a form of stress reduction. For example, a cat can get frustrated when standing in front of a closed door. Because scratching is natural behavior you can never completely unlearn this, and this is not necessary either. You can, however, offer the cat sufficient crab options, so that your furniture will not be destroyed.

Help my cat scratches and destroys my couch

Scratching posts and scratching boards, let your cat let off steam.

When purchasing scratching posts and boards, keep in mind that your cat is going to grow a lot bigger. A small scratching post looks super cute and is cheaper than a somewhat larger model. However, in the long term, if your cat is fully grown, it will not have much to it. It is more convenient to immediately purchase a large sturdy scratching post that he can enjoy in the coming period. Keep in mind that your cat is stretched out, standing on his paws a lot longer and adjust the purchase of your scratching post accordingly

The location of the scratching post

If your cat just wakes up, it will stretch itself, so it will be convenient for him if there is a scratching post nearby. Also make sure that there is another scratching post in the living room in a place where he can easily reach it. Make sure that the space around the scratching post is free.

Some cats scratch horizontally, others vertically. If you have a scratching board, place it in the direction that your cat prefers to scratch. Your cat may also have a preference for material, sisal is always suitable. But does your cat scratch the wallpaper? Then he may have a preference for a cardboard scratching board. Multiple cats in the house? Provide enough different scratching options.

The introduction to the scratching post

Do not hold your cat with its paws against the scratching post, this will especially irritate your cat. Make the scratching post attractive for your cat. You can do this by spraying some valerian spray or catnip on the scratching post. You can also lure the cat towards the scratching post through a game with a feather on a string. Let the feather go over the scratching post, your cat will now use the scratching post automatically while he is trying to catch the feather. Do you have a scratching post with several seating boards? Put some of his favorite treats on the boards.

Make the furniture unattractive to your cat

Of course you want your cat to use the scratching post and not destroy your furniture. Make sure that the furniture becomes unattractive to scratch. You do this by, for example, putting a rug over it or sticking double-sided tape on it. (All this temporarily until your cat is completely used to the scratching post).

Is your cat still trying to scratch in an undesirable place? Try not to punish your cat, but instead lead your cat to the scratching post or furniture (with a feather on a string or with treats).

The time when scratching posts, planks and furniture all had the same appearance is over. Some scratching posts are even an addition to your interior, how about a cool scratching post in the shape of a cactus? Or fancy scratch furniture. Scratching posts are easy to order at Amazon.

Sometimes it is not enough for an indoor cat to sharpen his nails on a scratching post, his nails then stay too long. You can help him a little by cutting your cat’s nails.