Help, my cat pees inside the house.

First of all it is important to know whether your cat pees or sprays in the house, peeing always makes a cat sit, spraying is always standing. You can read more about spraying here.

It is of course annoying for you as a catmom if your cat pees on the bed or couch. But for your cat it is also not pleasant, usually there is more going on.

Help, my cat pees inside the house catmom official

Causes why a cat pees indoors

His litter box is too full or not clean enough, your cat feels compelled to find another place to pee. Fairly easy to solve by ensuring that your cat always has one or more clean litter boxes at his disposal. Clean the litter box every day by removing urine and faeces with a shovel and change the cat litter regularly.

A change has been made to his litter box, it has been moved, has a different odor or a different type of cat litter due to cleaning agent. Try to bring the litter box back to the state your cat was used to. This may already solve the problem.

A medical cause such as cystitis. Contact your veterinarian to rule out medical causes. It is very important to exclude medical causes first.

Stress or anxiety, for example, can be caused by a sudden change such as family expansion. Try to find out and deal with the cause of stress and to offer the cat a safe environment.

Given the possible causes, it is important not to punish your cat for peeing outside the litter box. Punishment exacerbates the problem.

Cleaning of urine spots caused by a cat

Always use biotex or soda. Never vinegar, chlorine or bleach, because this will ensure that your cat will want to pee over the same spot again.