Help my cat meows at night

You are having a good sleep when you suddenly wake up from the disturbing meow of your cat. If your night’s sleep is regularly disturbed, you will notice that you get irritated a little faster during the day and that it takes more effort to concentrate. Your cat meowing can have various causes. To prevent meowing at night, it is important to first find out the cause of meowing.

Help my cat meows at night catmom official the best tips to stop your cat from making noise at night

Medical cause of meowing

Meowing may have an underlying medical cause. such as high blood pressure, kidney failure, a thyroid gland that works too fast or your cat may just have pain. Because your cat is upset, when you try to refuel after a busy day, it will meow.

It is important to first eliminate a medical cause, your vet can help you with this. If a medical cause is found, the vet can advise on appropriate treatment. If there is no physical cause, then the potential cause of the behavior is considered.

An empty food bowl causes a lot of meowing

When your cat’s food bowl is empty, your cat will meow until his bowl is refilled again. Fortunately, you can fill his food bowl before you go to bed so that your cat can enjoy some food at night and you can enjoy your well-earned night’s rest. There are also food bowls with a timer available so that the foodbowl will be filled up automatically at night.

Also try not to feed your cat immediately after getting up in the morning. Your cat will then make the link: when my catmom gets out of bed she gives me food, the more reason to try to get you out of bed with the disturbing sound. Only give your cat food when you have been out of bed for half an hour.

Too much energy or boredom

If your cat cannot get rid of his energy during the day, there is a chance that he will get bored at night and meow. While it is bedtime for you, your cat will go for a hunt, and while he goes hunting he can produce a lot of noise.

Fortunately, this can be easily solved by making your cat tired during the day by playing with him, so that your cat can get rid of his energy.