Help my cat has bald spots in his coat

If a cat is itchy, he can scratch or bite himself, bleeding, and bald spots as a result. Always try (if necessary in consultation with the veterinarian) to find out what the underlying cause is and tackle this to reduce licking, scratching, biting and bald spots in the cats coat. The bald spots can have various causes.

Help my cat has bald spots in his coat

Allergic reaction to cat food can cause bald spots

Your cat may react allergically if it suddenly gets other cat food to eat. This may cause an allergic reaction to a substance that is not specific to the body, such as beef proteins or gluten. Because the immune system reacts to the substance, histamine is released. This causes allergy symptoms such as itching. Your cat will scratch itself, resulting in bald spots. Your cat may also suffer from a greasy or dull coat, excessive hair loss, flatulence, vomiting and diarrhea. When your cat switches to new food, introduce the food in several steps. Switching back to the old food can in some cases resolve the itch and bald spots.

Allergic reaction leads to baldness in a cat

Cats can also react allergically to dust mites and pollen. As with humans, the allergic reaction can therefore also be seasonal.

Having fleas causes bald spots

When your cat suffers from fleas, it will scratch, bite and lick itself, especially on his back. A crust then develops on the skin that has been released and pimples appear. (The vet will check if your cat has bit the hair so that it can be excluded that the cat is suffering from hair loss). Read more about the treatment options for fleas

Underlying painful cause

It may also be the case that your cat is in pain (internally) and will start to lick till bald spots appear on the spot of the underlying pain. For example, it may happen that a cat has bladder problems such as bladder grit or cystitis and that he is going to lick his belly bald. This can also happen if the cat suffers from other underlying problems such as osteoarthritis.

Cat licks itself bald because of stress

Cats spend a lot of time and care licking themselves clean. However, this can also become obsessive behavior and a cat can lick itself until bald spots appear. It is somewhat difficult to assess, always exclude the above causes first (consult with your vet if in doubt). The use of calming cat sprays can help to reduce stress on your cat.

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