Fight fleas from your cat at home

A flea is a parasite that lives in the fur of your cat, the flea feeds himself with the blood of your cat. Does your cat have fleas? Then he will suffer from itching, fleas can also cause an itchy feeling in people. Don’t be frightened, but a flea can produce 50 eggs per day for 50 to 100 days. Important to act quickly if your cat has fleas!

Fight fleas from your cat at home

Inspect your cat’s coat for fleas

Spread the fur of your cat with your fingers, check if you see any fleas or black dots. The black spots can be the droppings of a flea. There are special flea combs with which you can easily check whether your cat is troubled by fleas or flea poop. View the different flea combs. If the infection has been around for a while, your cat may even suffer from bald spots and skin problems.

Cats that have fleas are definitely not dirty

It is a misunderstanding that cats that have fleas would not be clean. Having fleas has nothing to do with hygiene. Every cat, no matter how clean, can get fleas.

There are different ways to treat fleas

It is important that flea control products are safe for your cat, that they are easy to administer and that they combat all stages (egg, larvae and pupa and flea).

Spot on

Pipettes for in the neck of your cat (anti flea spot on) are easy to administer and depending on which product you use, your cat is protected for a month to a few months. Although the substance is not harmful to your cat, it is not really desirable that he gets the substance in his mouth. The pipette should be applied to the skin between the shoulder blades. Do this if you have the opportunity with 2 people so that one person can hold the cat on your lap and calm him down. The other person can spread the fur between the shoulder blades with one hand so that the skin becomes visible and with the other hand drip the pipette onto the cat’s skin. When the pipette is administered it is prevented that the cat starts to lick the anti flea agent. To provide lasting protection, it is important to repeat the spot on treatment.

Anti flea collar

Collars are also available that protect against fleas. The collar contains effective anti-flea substances and these substances become effective because there is friction between the collar and the fur / skin of the cat. The active substances are absorbed through the skin and spread further through skin oil. These collars offer 8 months of protection on average. Put on the collar as you would on a normal collar. Make a note in your diary after 8 months so that you know when the collar needs to be replaced.

Pills, powders and shampoos are some outdated remedies that have not really been shown to work.

Make your house flea-free with an environmental spray

You use an environmental spray with a flea infestation to make your house flea-free again. It is important to vacuum first before spraying. The vacuuming causes vibrations that cause the pupa to come out and the spray can kill them. Also keep vacuuming properly when you’ve seen fleas. Also in places where your cat often lies. After vacuuming, do not forget to close the bag properly and throw it away immediately.

Use the environmental spray and do not forget to bring all the corners and cracks between the skirting boards and the floor covering. These are ideal places for fleas. Repeat the treatment if necessary (check the package leaflet for the specific product you are using).

If you have washable items, you can wash them (at a minimum of 60 degrees Celsius).

Preventing a flea infestation is better than cure, use preventive means and regularly check your dear animal friend for fleas.

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