Does a cat miss its owner when it is not around?

As a catmom you may have wondered if your cat misses you when you are on vacation or at work.

Does a cat miss its owner when it is not around? catmom official

Cats get attached to their owners

Although a cat is a solitary hunter and does not live in a pack. It is not true that a cat likes to be alone. Cats are social and enjoy interacting with their owners. Cats can get attached to their owners, but they do not emotionally dependent on you. Cats attach even more to their environment and routine. A sudden change such as family expansion in the form of another pet or a baby, but also a moving to another home can also cause considerable stress for a cat.

Cats usually have no separation anxiety

A cat may even suffer from separation anxiety in some cases. But in general cats show no signs of abandonment when their owner is away from home. It is not the best to leave your cat alone for days. A cat needs stimuli. If your cat is not given enough challenge, this can lead to behavioral problems.