Do you have to brush a cat’s teeth?

Dental problems with cats are a common problem. Veterinarians therefore increasingly advise you to brush your cat’s teeth. Brushing keeps the gums healthy and prevents your cat from getting plaque and also helps to remove nasty odors from your cat’s mouth.

Do you have to brush a cat's teeth?

Learn this as a kitten

You can of course start brushing your cat’s teeth at any age. The younger the cat, the easier it can get used to it. Especially if this goes in a playful way and he is rewarded with his favorite treats.

What do you need to brush your cat’s teeth?

You will need a number of things to brush your cats teeth

Patience, lots of patience

Toothpaste (there are different flavors available, a toothpaste with a chicken flavor will probably make brushing your teeth a little more attractive). For my cat i use oxyfresh toothpaste, read my review on it here.

A special cat toothbrush, these are available in different versions. For example, a cat toothbrush that you can slide over your finger is very useful.

A cotton wipe that does not fluff

Treats or other rewards, your cat will have to get used to brushing his teeth, reward him regularly while practicing.

Let your cat get used to the toothpaste

Choose a toothpaste flavor that your cat likes, such as chicken or tuna flavor. Let your cat slowly get used to the taste. Gently rub a little on his lip or leg or let it lick it off your hand.

How do you hold your cat while brushing his teeth?

The first time it can be useful to be with 2 people when you want to brush the teeth of your cat. So that one person can hold your cat well and can calm the cat down while the other person can focus on brushing his teeth. But brushing your cat’s teeth can also be done with 1 person.

The easiest way is to hold your cat with its back to you. This way it is easier to keep the cat with you. Take the cat on your lap. Use a hand to hold his head. Place your hand on the back of his head and use your thumb to gently push his lip up so that the teeth become visible and you can easily reach them for brushing. Let your cat get used to a finger in his mouth, rub the teeth for a few seconds. A few seconds is enough to start with. Take enough time for your cat to get used to this.

Brush your cat’s teeth with a toothbrush

Now that your cat is used to toothpaste, a finger in his mouth and to be held it in the right position, you can grab the gauze or cotton swab. Make sure the gaze does not fluff so that no residue from the gauze remains in your cat’s mouth. Spread a little toothpaste on the gauze or cotton swab. With this you carefully brush the teeth of your cat. Repeat this a few times until your cat is okay with this. Only switch to the real toothbrush when your cat is completely used to the cotton swab or gauze.

Brushing teeth with a cat does not have to take long and is not complicated.

Wipe off the gums, clean the top teeth from top to bottom. The lower teeth from bottom to top. Any pieces of food that are stuck between the teeth are released in this way.

Keep it short and positive, reward your cat at the end with his favorite treat

Rub the teeth 2 to 3 times, this is sufficient.

It is best to brush your cats teeth every day, but every two days is also sufficient.

Always use a special toothpaste for cats. Never use toothpaste for humans, the fluoride in it is toxic to cats.

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