Diarrhea in kittens and adult cats

If your cat or kitten has diarrhea, it may happen that he accidentally poops outside his litterbox. Do not punish your cat for this he can often do nothing about it, the diarrhea usually has an underlying cause. Diarrhea is also a way to keep the body clean from unwanted substances and pathogens. In that sense, diarrhea in a cat is sometimes helpful

Diarrhea in kittens and adult cats

Moisture loss if your cat or kitten suffers from diarrhea

Diarrhea is less dangerous for an adult cat than for a kitten. A kitten is very small and the moment he loses a lot of fluid due to the diarrhea, this can be dangerous for him (risk of dehydration). Always visit the vet with a kitten with diarrhea. If an adult cat has serious diarrhea, consult your vet about how dehydration can be prevented.

Causes of diarrhea in kittens and cats

Stress. A move, the arrival of a new family member can all be sources of stress for your cat. If a kitten has just moved from his mother to his new home it can cause stress which leads to diarrhea.

Other cat food. When a cat switches to food other than what it is used to, it can cause intestinal complaints and diarrhea. Switching to other feed must be done in steps.

Eat something toxic. Cats are quite picky in what they eat, yet it can happen that your cat accidentally eats from a poisonous plant or eats a piece of chocolate (which is very toxic to cats). Kittens in particular are very curious and can accidentally eat something that is toxic to them. There are also other foods that you can best keep away from your cat because they are toxic.


Infection. A virus infection can be determined by the vet, he can prescribe the correct treatment.

A thyroid gland that works too fast

Parasites. Stool research can show which parasite is involved and which treatment is best suited. Prevention (worming) is better than cure!

Swallowed object. A curious kitten can accidentally swallow something that does not belong in his stomach, this must be removed by the vet as soon as possible. The stuck object can cause diarrhea in your kitten.

Several cats in the house and does one of them suffers from diarrhea?

Put the cat that has diarrhea apart so that you can monitor whether it is still suffering from diarrhea. You can also keep a close eye on whether the other cats also suffer from diarrhea. It also prevents any contamination.

If the underlying cause is obsolete, the veterinarian can prescribe suitable treatment and diarrhea can often be corrected. Be on time.