Care for an older cat, which diseases occur in older cats?

In cats too old age comes with “defaults”. A cat comes from the age of 11 (about the same age as 60 in human years) in the senior phase. From the age of 16 (comparable to the human age of 80) your cat falls into the elderly phase. The medical care for cats is getting better, so cats can get older and older these days.

Care for an older cat, which diseases occur in older cats?

What you can notice when your cat is getting older

It becomes less active, so that the muscle volume decreases somewhat.

An older cat will also sleep a bit more, but the quality of the nap is less because an older cat sleeps less deeply.

Also the smell and taste decrease, this will make your older cat less inclined to eat and eat less.

The functioning of the gastrointestinal tract deteriorates, making it more difficult for the cat to absorb nutrients.

Your cat’s weight decreases because he can absorb fewer nutrients and his appetite is reduced.

Prevention is better than cure.

If your cat is already old, let him check by the vet more often. Especially the teeth, the thyroid gland and the heart can use extra control. Vets often have senior programs that are especially for older cats. Regular weighing is also important so that action can be taken in time if there is an underlying cause for weight loss. Resistance to diseases is declining, so repeat vaccinations are also important for older cats

Diseases that often occur in older cats

A fast-acting thyroid gland (hyperthyroid) is a hormonal problem

Kidney failure

Diabetes (diabetes mellitus)

High blood pressure (hypertension)


Dental problems, gums and jaw infections

Wear of the joints (osteoarthritis)

Infectious diseases such as FIV

Help your older cat get a paw

It can sometimes be difficult for an aged cat to climb or jump (on the couch or window sill, for example). You can put an extra stool, table or cushions as a kind of step so that it becomes easier for your cat to reach his favorite places The nails of an older cat wear out less quickly, check a little more often if it is time for your cat to be pawdicure.

Younger cats also like to have a quiet place where they can sleep and retire. But for an older cat this is a necessity, make sure it is nice and warm and calm its place.

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