About Theodore Cat

Theodore cat is a British shorthair boy. He was born april 15 2018 in a Dutch cattery in North-Brabant. They say that Dutch people who live in North-Brabant are real burgundian. That really suits Theodore because he really loves good food. He is quite a picky eater. Sometimes his catdad even cooks chickenbreast for him. Besides chicken Theodore is a big fan of tuna and snackies.

Theodore also love to discover the vegetable garden. Where he is a great helper, he loves to dig holes. As a real hunter he follows every insect or bird he sees. He still needs to practice his catching skills. He also loves to relax in the sun. And long naps are his favourites. He does them when he is outsite but also indoors.

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Theodore isn’t really a lap cat. Altough he goes everywhere where his humans are, he prefers to lay next to his humans. And not on the lap. He follows the humans everywhere around the house, that means no privacy, even not in the bathroom.

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