6 reasons why I would like to be a cat

I admit it, when I sometimes look atmy cat when he is taking a carefree nap on the windowsill in the sun. Then I wouldn’t mind trading with him at all. Although cats can experience stress, they are generally fairly relaxed.

6 reasons why i would love to be a cat

Take naps in the middle of the day

How nice would it be, to just take a nap in the middle of the day, or 2 or 3 naps. Cats take a nap and do not know the phenomenon insomnia. Moreover, you can also sleep wherever you want.

Nice loungers

As a cat you don’t have to do anything. Sleep, eat and play a little when it suits you. Nobody will blame you if your performance of the day is that you have broken your personal sleeping record.

Never a bad hair day

Cat’s hair is always purrfect. Even after all those naps.

As a cat, you never have to worry about what you are going to wear today. Your outfit is always on point and also resistant to all weather conditions.

Because as a human you will never look as cute and adorable as a cat, never.

Hugging when it suits you

As a cat you get hugs whenever you want. But you will also be left alone when you want. You can also cuddle with whomever you want. As a human being you cannot just stroke your head to people you meet, with a cat nobody is surprised.

You have staff

Food? Will be served for you. Your cat toys? They will be cleared after you when you have finished playing.

Your eyes are super good even in the dark

You can see well in the dark, better than anyone can ever do, pawsome!

Would you like to be a cat for a day and why?