17 signs that you are a catmom

17 signs that you are a catmom

People regularly call you crazycatlady or cat lady

Your outfit is not complete without cat hair

70% of the media on your phone consists of cat photos of your own cat, cats of friends, cat memes or cute cat movies

You want to show this cat collection on your phone to everyone (not everyone is always pleased with this)

If you had to put money into a jar every time you talked about your cat without being asked, you could have bought 3 purebred cats

You judge people on how much they love animals (and especially cats). 

Your cat has its own Instagram account (so you can share photos of your little cat friend without any shame)

You meow back at your cat But you also talk to your cat a lot, when you get home from work the first thing you do is tell your cat how your day was.

When you see a cat on the street you have to pet him. 

When your cat is sleeping on your lap, you don’t move (you don’t want to wake him up) no matter how bad you have to go to the toilet.

You sleep in the most uncomfortable poses, because your cat sleeps on your bed and you don’t want to wake him up by moving, hello cramp in the calf

Your alarm clock has hair and four legs

If you are not at home, you wonder what your cat is doing. 

You consider cats as equal family members

You will never skip your cat’s birthday. 

You keep every cardboard box (and even take extra cardboard boxes from the supermarket to find the purrfect box for your cat)

You feel less guilty if you have bought a new pair of shoes, after all, your cat will also be happy because of the shoe box they came in

And how many can you check off? Catmom is a compliment, because cats make you happy.