10 Things that (most) cats hate

As a catmom you want your cat to be the happiest animal on earth. That is why we made a list of things you accidentally can do that makes your cat not happy. These things can cause stress for your cat.

10 Things that (most) cats hate

Things that (most) cats hate

A litter box that is not clean. 

Is the litter box not clean? Chances are that your cat will choose a different place to do its needs. Don’t keep the litter box clean? Don’t be surprised if your cat puts his needs under the couch or on your bed. And you can’t really blame him for doing this.

A car ride

Some cats will like this. But often the travel basket and car ride are equivalent to a veterinary visit or a “holiday” in the cat hotel. Not the nicest things. Most cats also don’t like being locked up in the basket.

A bath

Only bathe your cat if it is really necessary. Cats are known to keep themselves clean. Most cats are not a fan of being bathed. Tips to give your cat a bath.

Clipping nails

Where a manicure is something we really look forward to as catmoms, a pawdicure for your cat is certainly not. You can ensure that your cat gets used to cutting the nails and doesn’t mind.

Loud noises

Fireworks, a crying baby. Most cats find loud sounds unpleasant, they can also be very shocked

If he can’t follow you everywhere

You no longer have privacy if you have a cat. Are you closing the door to go to the bathroom? There’s a good chance your cat won’t stop meowing until you open the door and he can be with you.

A collar (with bell)

Most cats aren’t a fan of a collar. If there is also a cat bell on the collar, then your cat is not happy with it at all. Imagine that you would hear a bell all day long, not really nice. Maybe a bell is nice for the birds to warn them that a cat is coming, but it is not so nice for your cat.

Other cats in their territory

An unknown cat on its territory? Your cat is not happy with that, it is an intruder for him.

The food bowl placed next to the water bowl

A cat does not like it when its water bowl is next to the food bowl. This comres from his instinct, bacteria from his “prey” can contaminate his drinking water. This can also be a reason why your cat doesn’t drink much. 

These were some things that your cat hates, chances are you can’t name a thing that you hate about your cat, because cats make you very happy.