10 reasons why cats make you happy

10 reasons why cats make you happy


Cats live completely in the moment. Take an example of your cat, instead of just keep on going, take a nice nap when you’re tired.

Enjoy life, just like your cat

Stretched out on the windowsill in the sun. Enjoy a bowl of food, cats enjoy life till the fullest.

Unconditional love

Your cat does his own thing, but he loves you unconditionally and is your most loyal friend. For all its 9 lives.

Do your own thing just like your cat

Speaking of your own will, your cat is the perfect example that it is good to sometimes do your own thing without caring about what others will think about it. a

Warm welcome

Your little cat friend who is already sitting in front of the window when you come home and greets you with a cheerful spinning. There is no better feeling than coming home to a cat who is happy that you are back home.

The happy cuddle hormone 

If you cuddle your cat and pet him, the dust oxytocin is released. This hormone lowers the stress in your body and makes you calm and cheerful. That’s why you can’t get enough of cuddling with your cat.

Laughing is good for your health

You can look at your cat all day long without getting bored. Not a day goes by that your cat does not make you laugh, one day because he does something funny, the other day because his cattitude makes you laugh.

Good for your heart

Cats not only take a special place in your heart, they are also good for the health of your heart. Cat owners have less risk of dying from a heart disease or a heart attack. Cats can lower stress levels and lower high blood pressure.

Spinning is winning

Do you also become very peaceful and calm when you hear the purring sound of your cat? It seems that spinning can have a good influence on your muscles and bones. Because they spin at a frequency between 20 and 140 hertz. This frequency appears to be therapeutic and healing.

Less allergy sensitive

Did you grow up with a cat as a child? Or is your child growing up with a cat now? Good news you (or your child) will be less sensitive to allergies.

Enough reasons to take a cat (or 2, or 3) into your home.

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